as i mentioned last week, we leave today for a two week east coast trip.  it was initially going to be work mixed with play, but a family emergency has changed the game.  we’re now going to NYC for three days and then headed straight to florida to be with family.  i’ve prepared a bunch of posts for while i’m away, and have a few guest posters that i’m thrilled to have on board with some tasty yummies!  and for today, a giveaway i’m so excited about i can hardly stand myself! 

alima pure recently reached out to me and introduced themselves.  after spending just a minute on their site i was completely smitten, a makeup company after my own heart!  their mineral makeups are gorgeous and their packaging is divine. but even better they contain no toxics, no irritants, no preservatives, and are cruelty free!  beyond amazing.  

they were kind enough to do a little makeup makeover on me, and i’m so thrilled to share my experience!  as you may remember from this post, i’m practically a makeup virgin.  i’ve been wearing the same products for years, with little idea of what i was doing.  and i know a lot of you chimed in that you feel the same!  so i jumped at this opportunity to introduce us all to an amazing line of products that are so easy to use, even a newbie like me can shine.  and i have to say, even though i’m used to wearing next to no makeup, i’m now a convert.  seeing my face all prettified by these beautiful mineral makeups has me hooked and there’s no going back!

and the most exciting part is THEY’RE GIVING ONE LUCKY READER A FACE MAKEOVER TOO!  see all those goodies below… one lucky reader is going to win all of that!  so good, right?!  and in addition to that awesomeness, they’re offering EVERYONE 10% off their order with the code “AHOUSEINTHEHILLS” (valid through August 12th).  hip hip!

in the photo above i’m wearing the products shown- which i’m not kidding you took me no more than 7 minutes to apply.  the thing i love most about them is they look natural, not heavy handed, but still do wonders for my face!  my favorite product is the eyeliner, it makes my eyes pop and was much easier to apply than the pencil liner i’ve been using for years!  plus if you wet your brush you can easily turn the powder liner into liquid liner…how rad is that?!  tips for buying makeup online, applying mineral makeup and details on how to win your own alima pure makeover after the jump!


i’ve never bought makeup that i haven’t already been using online  in large part because choosing makeup online can be so daunting (it’s hard enough in the store, right?!)  but alima makes it much easier by offering sample sizes of many of their products so that you can test out a few and see what you love best to order full size.  this was so helpful for me especially when choosing the foundation!  they also have this handy foundation selector to help you narrow it down. and there are so many other resources on their site to help you along through the process as well. i loved this tip for choosing eyeshadow colors!


- start with a clean, moisturized face

- shake some powder into the lid of the container and swirl the makeup brush in it to get the makeup into the brush.  blow lightly to remove excess. (this appllies to foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow, etc)

- to turn the foundation into concealer, wet the the liner brush or shadow brush and then add a little foundation powder.  paint onto any areas that need a little extra coverage.  dust with foundation powder when finished!

- just a little bit of the mineral makeup goes a long way, so layer lightly to acheive just the look you’re going for!



winner will receive a phone consult with alima pure to help determine the best products/colors for their skin type and to answer any questions as well as everything shown above, in the colors of your choice!  this includes: 4 makeup brushes, foundation, bronzer, blush, (2) eyeshadows, eyeliner, and a lipbalm.  total value over $200!

to enter visit alima pure and leave a comment below with the product you are most excited to try (i was the most excited to try the eyeliner and shimmer eyeshadow)!  comments must be posted by midnight on friday and a winner will be chosen randomly shortly thereafter.  winner will be notified by email and announced on the blog.  so much good luck to all of you!  xx- sarah


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  1. Kendra V.|

    Love this blog! I'd be most excited to try the color balancing powder. I'm always looking for good primers that help even out my skin tone and eliminate redness. All of the makeup products from Alima sound awesome!

  2. Rachael|

    I absolutely love their products!! One of my favs is definitely their bronzer! It would be great to get some of their brushes!!

  3. Erika|

    I'm most excited to try the shimmer eyeshadow and the nourishing lip balm in mango. Thanks for introducing me to this great line!

  4. Chelsea|

    I hope everything is alright with your family. I would love to try the eyeliner out too, I've never been one to wear too much eye makeup but I would love to try. Your skin looks beautiful in the photo above by the way! x

  5. Virginia|

    I've always wanted to try a mineral foundation, but just like you I've been using the same products for years and have been to chicken to try something new. What a great chance this would be to freshen things up!

  6. Mina|

    I'd love to try the matte foundation! I still haven't found the perfect foundation and I've been on the hunt for years!

  7. Erin B|

    Love this giveaway! I have been jumping from brand to brand recently trying to find makeup that doesn't irritate my face. Would love to win and would be most excited to try out the concealer and the bronzer!!

  8. Becky Lippert|

    I'd love to try the foundation! My wedding is at the end of August, just around the corner. I've been hesitant to buy traditional foundation because I don't want to commit to a whole container of foundation that might bother my skin. I'd love to give it a try! And the luminous shimmer powder! Lovely!

  9. kira|

    love your look! i would love to try the foundation. i'm in the market for a new one and this one looks so light perfect for summer!

  10. S. Johnson|

    I haven't used eyeshadows in a while, but I love all the gorgeous colors in the Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow line and would love to try some out!

  11. Julie|

    I have sensitive skin and am excited about any make-up that is all natural and good for my skin. I'd like to give Balancing Primer Powder and Satin Matte Foundation a try! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Jasmine|

    I would love to try the eyeliner! I like that you are able to wet the brush and turn the powder texture into a liquid eyeliner, my eyeliners always smudge! Thanks for this giveaway!

  13. allie|

    i am most excited to try the blush. a great colored blush can wake up your face dramatically!

    fingers crossed! i haven't bought new make up in.. years! sigh.

  14. Elise|

    Wow, if your face in the above picture looks that fabulous, I would love to try anything by them! Thanks!

  15. i cook|

    I wish they had a store near me. I would like to try the concealer and the blush.

  16. Sarah of a fine line|

    What fun! I'm most excited to try the eyeshadows and the bronzer (which is a product I've really never used before). Sorry to hear about your family emergency, Sarah. Thinking of you and I hope everything works out okay.

  17. Jesse|

    I'd love to try the color balancing powder. A beautiful site – can't wait to try the product!

  18. Linsey|

    excellent post! I am an oily gal, so i am definitely feeling the satin matte foundation! Always up for trying new things :)

  19. Emly|

    I would really like to try the Alima Pure Satin Matte Mineral Foundation. I cannot believe that there are 61 shades to choose from! That is wonderful, everyone is sure to find a match.

  20. Sarah|

    I am most excited to try the Satin Matte Foundation, as I think it will conceal my large pores and help give me a smooth finish!

  21. alexaw|

    love the luminous shimmer blush in Leigh — coral blush is such a pick-me-up!

  22. Casey|

    I'm worry about buying makeup online, too. But this line is lovely and I'd want to try out some of the satin matte shadows or eyeliners.

  23. holly|

    I would love to try the eye shadows and the lip balm! It looks like wonderful makeup and I love that it is all natural.

  24. Julia Mosack|

    Thanks for the introduction! I've been looking for a different mineral make up to try. I'm most interested in the luminous eye shadow & liner.

  25. Laura|

    I'd love to try the satin matte eyeshadow. I've been wearing the same makeup for ages, this would be a great opportunity to shake my beauty regime up a bit!

  26. Monique Klampert|

    You look beautiful Sarah! What a cool contest, I would love to try the foundation. I have been using a BB cream but I feel oily by the afternoon when I am wearing it. I need to find a good powder.

  27. Jasmine|

    I'm most excited to try the shimmer shadow and those luxurious looking brushes. Can't beat a good brush.

  28. Tini Z|

    I've heard about Alima for a while now, but I haven't had a chance to try out their products yet. I am most intrigued by all their eye shadows, especially the satin matte ones! Plus, one can never have too many lipbalms.:-)

  29. Kaina|

    Most excited to find a foundation with coverage that 's not too cake. Also shimmer eyeshadow looks like fun and summer! :) Thank you.

  30. Erica R|

    Oooh! I'm excited to check this out! Would love to try the satin matte foundation and those gorgeous brushes!

  31. Nicole|

    I LOVE this giveaway! I would love to try the nourishing lip balm, and the balancing primer powder. They look amazing. Actually all of the products look great!
    On a side note, have a great trip and I hope everything is ok with your family.

  32. Erin|

    I am most excited to try the eyeliner – I've been needing to add some new products and tips to my arsenal!

  33. Kristyn|

    I'd love to try the color balancing powder! It can be hard to find unique products like that when you go the natural, chemical-free route. The whole line looks awesome!

  34. Lauren|

    The mineralized bronzer! My bronzer always makes me look orange and muddy. So excited to try!

  35. Alisa Miller|

    I'm most enthralled by the foundation! I want to try anything that's cruelty-free and face-friendly. Please post an update on how you're enjoying the products!

  36. Erin Laine|

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to try to satin blush as well as the brushes!

  37. Clare|

    Hi Sarah!! For me the excitement is stemming from they are creulty free!! 10 yrs ago I made a conscious decision to cut certain practices out of my life, and I have lived a creulty free life for about 8 yrs. Unfortunately CF makeup always seems to fall a little hort on quality products, so this line sounds amazing!! Can't wait to try the shimmer shadow and lip balm!! Clare

  38. Jackie W.|

    Is it weird that I would be so excited to try the foundation brush!? It is so hard to find great brushes I like and that one looks like it would just be perfect! This giveaway is amazing, crossing my fingers, thanks Sarah!

  39. Ashley|

    I would love to try Alima's foundation and the satin matte blush. What a wonderful giveaway to share!

  40. Steph|

    Your makeup looks beautiful! I love a fresh, natural look and you nailed it. I don't think you can claim to be a makeup virgin anymore…..you look like a pro! ;)

  41. Claire|

    I just took the foundation selector! This stuff looks really nice and so reasonably priced! I've been looking for a good, goldish shimmery eyeshadow and I think the Luminous Shimmer eyeshadows might just be it!

  42. lavenderhill|

    OK I know this post is about makeup but I really like your ombre hair color & printed this out to show my colorist. I have summer highlights now but in aug, would like to ombre it this way. I cant do foundation from any brand as skin needs to breathe. Will check out the site but usually go to Sephora as seems easier.

  43. Janice|

    I'm always looking for a good eyeliner so I would definitely like to try the Satin Matte Eyeliner. Thanks!

  44. Anya|

    I'd love to win this contest because I have acne-prone oily skin and am extremely pale and have a hard time finding any foundation that works. I'd love to try the satin matte foundation.

  45. An Verbeeck|

    Satin matte foundation and concealer look great!
    Always looking for new products that cover up any imperfections
    And are light to wear…
    Anything also to cover up dark circles from sleep deprivation due to newborn
    Is also wonderful!
    Love the comment about 7 min to apply – that's about all I have in the morning :)
    Fun post- thanks for sharing!

  46. alysha|

    i would love to get my hands on that eyeliner (only to be used with the phone consult of course :) so excited about these products!!!

  47. Kayleigh|

    these products look beautiful! i'm most excited to try the shimmer blush in guava and also the nourishing lip balm in fig. thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  48. Anni|

    Hope everything is okay with your family! Sending good thoughts your way!

    As for the giveaway, I'd definitely be excited to try their foundation. I have a tan now (well, as tan as my skin gets, ha!) and my old foundation is starting to give that ghost glow. Time for an upgrade!

  49. danielle drown|

    I am excited to try the shimmer eyeshadow and the lip balm! Such amazing colors, I couldn't decide :)

  50. hilary|

    Oh this is so incredible!!! Love hearing about environmentally conscious make-up companies with great products! I want to try everything but I love the pearluster eyeshadow and satin matte eyeliner!

  51. Ashley|

    First time visiting, your blog is great! Personally I'd love to try their foundation! Always looking for a healthier more natural makeup (that actually looks good!)

  52. Caitlin|

    I love alima pure! I just discovered this line a few months ago when searching for a healthy makeup line. I have used the foundation with much success and have been dying to try their fun eyeliners and eyeshadows! Thanks for featuring them Sarah!

  53. Zoe|

    I've used liquid foundation by entire foundation wearing life but it's so hard to find a good, clean foundation. Mineral foundation seems like the best bet and what I'm most excited to try!

  54. Bethany hunter|

    I'm most e cited about the blush. I love the sheen in a mineral blush. Luminous skin is the prettiest

  55. mariah|

    I'm really looking forward to trying the foundation. My skin is so sensitive that this stuff sounds amazing with nothing bad in it!

  56. Mandy|

    As a lip balm/chapstick fiend, I am most excited to try the nourishing lip balm!

  57. Mandy|

    As a lip balm/chapstick fiend, I am most excited to try the nourishing lip balm!

  58. Mandy|

    As a lip balm/chapstick fiend, I am most excited to try the nourishing lip balm!

  59. Celeste|

    Would love to try the matte foundation, but excited to try it all! Love that it's makeup you can feel good about wearing!

  60. Kara|

    I am anxious to try the bronzer and blush by alima. I have been using the foundation and powder for over two years and I absolutely love the product! There is nothing in comparison to the light feather feel and coverage of the powders! Much love to alima!

  61. sarah n|

    I rarely wear make-up and when I do, I prefer light mineral products. These products are beautiful and I'm glad they are non-toxic. I'm most excited about the nourishing lipbalm!

  62. Laura Wight|

    I am most excited to try the foundation! I am all about all natural and finding the right shade for my skin tone is super hard! And it looks like they have a ton of shades one of which would have to right for me!

  63. Vanessa|

    Ooooo exciting! I've been curious about mineral makeup but never bold enough to try it out – I'd love love love to try the foundation for starters. It's my birthday today so fingers crossed! :)

  64. jenny|

    I'm excited to try the organic nourishing lip balm…I love peppermint oil! i want to try the satin matte eyeliner and the luminous shimmer eyeliner in EVERY color! I love that these brushes are hypoallergenic and that all the products are vegan and organic (I am an allergy suffering vegan!)

  65. Ashleigh Hodges|

    Yippee! Their product looks amazing….. I would really like to play up my eyes more than I do so, I am really excited to try the eye liners and eye shimmers. Those makeup brushes look really great too!

  66. Sarah|

    I'm loving the look of the Luminous Shimmer Blush in Freja. I've always shied away from mineral makeup, but everything on the site looks great

  67. eliza|

    I am interested in the bronzer and especially the eyeliner brush. Alima is awesome!

  68. emily|

    I am excited about so many products on their site! But most excited about the SATIN MATTE FOUNDATION! As I've aged my skin has become less even in tone and my pores have been larger. This seems like a great help in this regard and I would LOVE to try it out! Thanks!

  69. Juliette|

    I would love to try any of the foundations – hard to find the right one!

  70. Lauren|

    I'm excited to try EVERYTHING. I especially love the colors in the Delicious Summer set.

  71. Tawney Hughes|

    Ah I've been dying for some quality makeup that won't make me break out or look like a made up-Broadway doll. Ready to feel beautiful as I enter this next exciting stage of my life! Craving the mineral bronzer-I could use the glow!

  72. Ash|

    I'm most excited about trying the satin blush! Thanks for educating us on this line!

  73. Dani|

    I am also stuck with the same old products! Would love to try something new and free of toxins!
    Thank you!

  74. Maggie|

    I am most excited to try the foundation – I have pale sensitive skin and have yet to find the perfect fit. I can't wait to try this out–plus it's less expensive than my current mineral foundation (and without the toxins!) Win win.

  75. Arna|

    You know I'm a fan of your blog! Love the energy, aesthetics, and of course…the food/beauty/product choices you share. I'm all for friendly & nourishing face goodness. Hook me up Alimaaaa! xo

  76. Kathy|

    I'd be excited to try the shimmer eyeshadow and nourishing lip balm. Keeping my fingers crossed for this opportunity!

  77. Iris|

    This looks like a fantastic company with great products. Due to price, I'm usually a bit skittish about trying out new makeup, but I feel like it's time to shake it up. I'd be interested to try out the blush and eye shadow!

  78. lauren|

    Aloha! I am most excited to try the Luminous Shimmer Blush in Guava! Makes me think of a tropical summer getaway in Hawaii =)


  79. Rachel K.|

    Great makeover! I love Alima and use the Satin Matte Foundation exclusively. I have been dying to try the bronzer in Marcaibo and Satin Matte e/s in Ash too.

  80. Lauren|

    I've been trying to find natural/non-toxic makeup, especially a powder blush. I'd love to try the satin matte blush! Thank you for the giveaway!

  81. Meg|

    The Luminous Shimmer Powder looks like the perfect way to add a little shine!

    Thanks for all of your effort put into this blog, it has quickly become a favourite of mine to check xx

  82. Sarah|

    I would love to try the matte foundation. I LOVE trying new foundations because I have an uneven skintone! And the blush colors are soooo pretty! What a fun giveaway! :)

  83. Jenn|

    I always get excited to try the eye makeup too! I love being able to achieve the look of effortlessness that still makes your eyes pop (as you said), as can only be done with the right products. Would absolutely love love love to win! Also, your photography is gorgeous!

  84. Jenn P|

    I'd love to try the Satin Matte Eyeshadow in Bramble Muted Mauve. I recently found out that most make-ups are full of junk I really don't want on face. This brand sounds great! Thank you for sharing!!

  85. Jennifer|

    I am most excited to give the bronzer a whirl! Looks oh so perfect for that summer glow. Also, who doesn't love a fun shimmer shadow!

  86. Patti|

    I'm makeup-shy like you so was super excited to see this post! I'd love to try the foundation for starters. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  87. grace|

    I'm most excited about the Mauna Loa matte bronzer! I needed a bronzer and I was pleasantly surprised to see this post!

  88. katja48|

    I want to try this makeup line for so long! I am watching their products in a shop nearby, but I am a student who normally dont wear any makeup so I dont know how to choose and aply makeup products.
    I am looking forward to try bronzer and blush to see what difference can the right aplication do for my face.

  89. Jessica Sawyer|

    I would love to try the powder foundation/concealer as I have always used liquid. Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. Alina|

    Love this giveaway! I'd love to try out the Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner. The colors are gorgeous!

  91. Sean C|

    Fun, fun giveaway indeed! I would most like to try out the Luminous Shimmer Blush in Black Raspberry.

  92. Stacia|

    I desperately need some blush since I threw out all my old, icky stuff. Love the Satin Matte Blush in Honey Rose.

  93. Taryn|

    Wow! I've been searching for new products. So excited to try the luminous shimmer…and really everything they offer! I just found your blog. It's wonderful :)

  94. angela|

    I've been wanting to try them out for so long! I want to try their foundation. Thanks for featuring this giveaway!

  95. elise|

    Those brushes look so soft… would love to try those, need a new set! Thanks for this giveaway!!

  96. jasmine|

    I would love to try the foundation! Amazing that it easily can turn into a concealer!

  97. Stacey McPeters|

    I am excited about it all. I do not wear makeup often because I have not found something that I really like. Thanks for the opportunity!

  98. Krysta|

    Ok, fantastic post and giveaway! I am in the process of taking all my skin care, hair care, make up etc all non-toxic! I think make up can be the most difficult to find a gentle, non-toxic product that delivers great results. I would LOVE to try the foundation. My skin is super sensitive but uneven so I often feel like I need a little extra coverage but would love a foundation that doesn't feel heavy and won't irritate my skin.

  99. Lindsey|

    You look gorgeous Sarah! I would love to try the foundation and satin blush. I have always wanted to love a mineral foundation, but I've never been able to find one that doesn't look cakey.

  100. Meagan|

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! I'm always trying to find the best products for my crappy skin. I've never tried mineral foundation before but have heard it might be good for peops with oily skin. I have oily skin. So I guess I'm most excited about the foundation. However, I have sparse and translucent eyebrows so I'm SO into the idea of trying the brow makeup!

  101. melissa|

    This makeup looks amazing! I am super excited to try the concealer, I need it to hide the dark circles under my eyes. But after visiting the alima website, I know I have to try the satin matte mineral foundation, with countless shades and a foundation selector, I know I will find my perfect match!

  102. Jennifer|

    I am horrible with makeup, I usually spend a lot of time applying poorly and end up washing it all off! Then reapplying just the bare minimum. These products look beautiful, and 7 minutes is about all the time I could commit. I would love to try the bronzer and eye liner from this line.

  103. Chelsea L.|

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try the satin blush (such a pretty color!), the shimmer eyeshadow, and the kitten brush! I've never used one of those and would love to broaden my beauty horizons:) Also the lipbalm and foundation…my skin has been breaking out like crazy lately and a change of scenery for my face would be so refreshing. Fingers crossed!

  104. Terrie|

    I hope your family is ok. I would love to try Alima Pure's Luminous Shimmer Powder. They have such lovely colors in all of their products! Thank you for the giveaway :)

  105. tova|

    Wow…these products look amazing!!! I really identify with you Sarah…no makeup for me – I just don't get it. But you look fabulous…really natural – LOVE IT!
    I would love to try the foundation as well as the luminous shimmer blush and eyeshadow…and the eyelines brush…and the lip gloss…I WANT TO TRY IT ALL!

  106. anya|

    I would love to try the matte eyeshadow – I'm not a fan of too much glitter and it can be hard to find a nice matte eyeshadow! Also, the eyeliner!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  107. tracy|

    I'd love to try the bronzer and the pearluster eye shadow! Looks like a beautiful makeup line!

  108. AM|

    I'd like to try a foundation and foundation brush. I'm 44 and in a hot, humid climate. Not sure my liquid foundation is doing me any favors! Plus, the less I rub or touch my face, the better, but I'm not sure what to try for products, colors, or application.

  109. Kim M|

    Awesome. I'd love to try the Luminous Shimmer Powder because…who doesn't like to shimmer?

  110. Lauren @ Breathe & Nourish|

    I literally just was applying my make-up this morning thinking that I should research environmentally and body healthy make-up. I'd LOVE to try this make-up. Especially the eyeliner and blush! :)

  111. becky|

    The eye liner looks fantastic. What an interesting concept to get it wet. Thanks for the post:)

  112. Zoe|

    For me it would have to be the foundation. I hate makeup because whenever I try to apply it I always end up looking like it's caked on – I have never understood how to achieve the 'natural' look like you have. Maybe mineral make up is the way forward? I'd love to try it and find out!

  113. Shannon Howell|

    I have been on a long hunt for quality makeup brushes that are not made from fur. I can not wait to try these!

  114. tiffany|

    I would most love to try the nourishing lip balm and the matte eyeliner… I am also a newbie when it comes to makeup so the eyeliner would be a big step for me!

  115. Emily|

    I'm most excited to try their foundation! And the eyeshadows. I'm always searching for products with safe, non toxic ingredients, and cruelty free is the first thing I look for. Glad to have discovered this line here on my new favorite blog!

  116. Sarah|

    Im most excited to try the eyeliner and shadow, I have super sensitive/dry eyes that reject almost any type of liner or shadow I put on, hoping that this line of makeup will change that!

  117. Mia|

    The bronzer – as a SF girl our "summers" consist mostly of foggy days so I always need to add a little color to my routine!

  118. Stephanya|

    I have been on the HUNT for good, natural makeup! I'd love to try the shimmer and matte eye shadows but that Delicious Summer kit on the website has my name all over it!

  119. monika|

    I'd love to try the nourishing lip balm! And the powders looks amazing … what a neat company. Thanks for sharing!

  120. Janet|

    I can't wait to try the bronzer. I love the natural glow from a mineral bronzer! You look lovely in that photo, Sarah!

  121. Meredith|

    What an amazing giveaway! You're right – the website is a great resource. I'm excited to try the shimmer eyeshadow!

  122. Bri|

    I'm most excited about the Delicious Summer collection. Those shades are shimmery and summery and so versatile, so they can be worn on a daily basis.

  123. cristen chester|

    i love alima pure products + have been using them for years! i would love to try the bronzer since that is one of their products i have not used!

  124. Tar aR.|

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway. I would LOVE to try their luminous shimmer liners as well as brushes.

  125. Samantha|

    I'm most excited to try the satin matte blush! Looks like a wonderful product! Thanks so much!

  126. Elise|

    I would love to try the bronzer! Need a good bronzer that doesn't make me look burnt!!

  127. Jasmine|

    The matte blush has such rosy colors, would love to try that!! Thanks for this giveaway!

  128. Mackenzie|

    This seems like a great line, and it's so great to find a line that doesn't contain any irritants and that is also animal friendly! I would say, I'm most excited to try the foundation, considering I have yet to find a foundation that's right for my skin.

  129. Sam|

    I'm definitely most eager to try the foundation. I am half Swedish, half Filipino, so finding the right foundation to match my skin tone is a NIGHTMARE. This brand looks promising!

  130. Anne A.|

    I'd love to try the foundation! I'm still looking for a good one :)
    All the products look amazing though!

  131. Heidi C|

    What beautiful products! I am most excited about the luminous shimmer powder :)

  132. Katy|

    I'm most excited about the matte eyeliners- I received a sample in espresso from Spirit Beauty Lounge and loved the fact I could line my eyes with it AND define my brows. In my move to "clean" makeup, I was missing all my go to eye products… But Alima gives me hope! Yay, no toxins!

  133. audrey p|

    I am most excited to try the hypoallergenic brushes! A good brush is essential so my sensitive skin doesn't get irritated. Have a lovely trip, travel tingles are the best :)

  134. Sarah Rose|

    I've struggled with health issues for five years now– I've had several "un-official" diagnoses– Chron's Disease, IBS, Colitis. On top of many symptoms my skin has become extremely sensitive, and I've developed many allergies. I'll the make up I've tried has made me breakout in a rash. Many people have told me to try natural, good quality mineral powder, even if it's pricey, they say it's worth it. I haven't been able to afford the purchase yet– but, it would be such a blessing to win such a deal. I'm most interested in the Satin Matte Mineral Foundation. I would truly love to try it!

  135. Pamela|

    Ooh … I'm interested in so many things :) An organic oil and butter based lip balm is always appreciated and a lightweight concealer with great coverage works wonders too. Can't wait to try both!!

  136. Lily|

    I would LOVE to try the Nourishing Lipbalms! The colors look gorgeous, and it's hard to find such a wide variety in natural brands. I would also love to try the Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner. I so look forward to checking your blog everyday, it's my little moment of relaxation! My not-guilty pleasure! :)

  137. Peyton|

    I would love to try the luminous shimmer blush because I have seen what a difference blush can make in a makeup routine. As someone with freckles, foundations and bronzer often don't work with my skin tone, but blush usually does the trick!

  138. Melanie|

    I am have tried every foundation under the sun to no avail. This one looks perfect! Excited to try it out!

  139. Jaylan|

    I just got my sample kit for the Satin Matte Foundation and I love it!! It was so hard to find the right shade for my skin tone but it goes on so light with great coverage!

  140. Mo|

    The nourishing lip balm sounds great and I love the cheerful colours of the kitten brush.

  141. Posie|

    Love it! New makeup gets me very jazzed! Especially such nice natural looking products. I'd be most excited to try the luminous shimmer powder–always looking for something subtle like this that makes a big difference.

  142. ruthems|

    I'm excited to try the satin matte foundation, color balancing powder, and the pearluster eyeshadow!

  143. Korbin W.|

    I currently use bare minerals but am so interested in this product after reading it in on your blog! Looking for new makeup for my beachside wedding in 4 months and this would be SO helpful! :)

  144. Alyssa Marie|

    I was so happy & excited when I came across this post & contest. I have very sensitive skin and noticed little white pimple like dots forming around the rims of my eyelids (yucky!) and stopped wearing any face make up to see if they went away. I have been rocking a make-up-less face for over a month and have been itching to test all natural products to see if I have the same reaction.

    The Pearluster Eyeshadow sounds amazing. I love the fact that you can wear it wet or dry – sounds like a fun product!

  145. marina|

    hope i'm not too late – eek! i would love to try the eyeliners, they look so beautiful.

    thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  146. hladini m|

    There were so many things I'm excited about. Finding a foundation that matches my deep skin tone (Warm 7) and about the pearluster eyeshadows in Amethyst and Cimarron!

  147. Yvonne|

    I was just reading about the Alima concealer on another blog! The reviewer had nothing but praise for the incredible quality of the products (as well as the very reasonable prices). I'm so curious about their foundation– I need something with more coverage than powder alone, and this seems ideal. Thank you for this giveaway!

  148. Clara|

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