17 crazy door style for your home

17 Crazy Door Styles for Your Home

While designing your home, apart from the house’s architecture, the most critical factor is the interior door styles. It would help if you had a particular preference for the driveway, walkway, and garage, but they need to coordinate well with your main door. The most important part of your house is the door, and you have many choices for that. Let’s see some of the Interior door styles and the choice of material that can make it sturdy.

1. Sliding Doors

This type of door is famous for its aesthetic and functionality. These doors occupy lesser space than those which have swing doors. Therefore, they can be used in places concerned with tight space. These types of doors are highly functional. They demand lesser space and are operated with ease. Sliding Doors

2. Glass Paned Door

This type of door has one or more glass panels. They are commonly used in all exterior and interior applications. You will have to consider the size of the door and be sure that you can allow natural light to come in. They could be versatile but only ideal for some homes. For example, you might have strict maintenance, but it can boost ventilation. When deciding the interior door styles, this could be the most popular of all the prevalent approaches.  Glass Paned Door

3. Bifold Doors

They are usually lightweight and open as the doors get folded. They are used to cover the closets, kitchen, and utility doors. Some variety of bifold doors is made from glass and steel frames. They could be an excellent option for some exteriors. This type of door assures sunlight to your interiors. So you can keep your plants nearby and ensure they get sunlight. Bifold Doors

4. Shaker-style Molded Panel Door

The shaker-style molded door could be a wooden frame with raised and recessed panels. Instead, the door has a wooden frame with an expanded and recessed panel. The panels are made from glass, wood, or even panel. The molded panel doors are available in various styles, including the traditional and the contemporary. These types of doors are generally durable and require minimum maintenance. Shaker-style Molded Panel Door

5. Statement Door

If you want to make the best of design statement in your home, go for a statement door. Statement doors will suit your style regardless of whether you are going for a traditional or contemporary style. They could be made of metal, plastic, or even might be glass. They are generally used as front doors or, sometimes, for the interior. Statement Door

6. Chalkboard Door

Chalkboard doors are a bit out of the box, but they could be an excellent choice for a kid’s home. You can place these types of doors for pantries, kids’ rooms, and playrooms. This type of paint door is widely available, so it’s easy to point and get this look. You can use your imagination and then draw something; this can be easily removed with the help of a damp cloth. They could be used as a childish and functional focal point. Chalkboard Door

7. French Doors

The French doors can be used as the interior door between two rooms or at the main entryway. They could be made from wood or feature glass and even fiberglass. They can be an entryway to the patio and the deck. While choosing this type of door for your home, you must consider the style. You may have the doors with ornate detailing or a wood finish. Doors with clean lines and simple designs can be regarded as elegant type. French Doors

8. Patio French Doors

Choose French patio doors for your home as they would open into the room to maximize the patio space. The wood is protected by fiberglass and aluminum exteriors. The interiors might have a single panel, two panels, or even a 3-panel option. There are options for blinds in between the glass option. Patio French Doors

9. Louvered Door

This is one popular interior door style that has horizontal slats and allows ventilation. They are used in rooms having essential ventilation, like laundry and closets. They are available in various materials like wood, metal, and composite. While choosing this type of door, it’s essential to consider the overall style. They work great in the case of Caribbean homes.  Louvered Door - interior door styles

10.Raw Live Edge Wood Door

This type of door is custom-made, and each slab is a barn door. The slab is hand-picked as a slab and stands as a testament to nature’s beauty. They can be slid and thereby a great space saver. You can choose the color or the door, but the natural wood finish would be the best in this case. They can be used to separate the rooms. The hardware supporting the door has to be maintained and oiled to ensure a smooth slide. Raw Live Edge Wood Door

11. Vintage or Antique Doors

Vintage doors could be a perfect fit for those who want a touch of refinement in their homes. These are mainly hand-carved designs and reminiscent of the bygone days. They come with a higher price tag and can add a sense of beauty to your home. Celebrate the old-school beauty for the years to come. Vintage or Antique Doors

12. Double Doors

They are usually used at the entryway and spell a cast of elegance. There is an advantage of installing a double door as the space appears to be more. This is ideal for the passage of furniture and other stuff. They can be used in case of casual places like bedrooms or bathrooms. Double Doors

13. Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are horizontally split and have two halves- the glass pane and wooden doors. You can keep the glass pane door open while keeping the wooden door part locked. This would allow the breeze in your place while keeping security intact. This can add a touch of charm to any room of your choice. Dutch Doors - interior door styles

14. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are designed in such a way that they can fit inside the space for doors. There is no requirement for any hardware or hinges. This gives the door an immaculate and streamlined appearance. This is ideal for smaller rooms. While selecting a design for pocket doors, make sure that it fits aesthetically for the space. For example, you may choose a design that includes a bright orange and a lighter background. This is one of the trendiest interior door styles.  Pocket Doors - interior door styles

15. Plank Door

Plank doors give a great look to your home and bear a rustic charm. They are characterized by wood panels and secured with a ledge and brace. They are available in various colors and finishes. These doors are mainly used as a hide between the kitchen pantry and below the stairs room. Plank Door- interior door styles

16. Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are fun to deal with. They are doors that go in sections and open after folding instead of hinges or two-way. They are good to operate, made of metal, and durable. If you can handle it well, then Accordion doors might go up to 45 years. The vinyl and wood Accordion doors offer one-sided and two-sided locks. Accordion Doors - interior door styles

17. Roller Doors

Roller-type doors are mainly used for garages and commercial spaces. But sometimes, they can be used for the dining and living halls. They can be pulled and allowed to fit in the space. They have a metallic frame and glass fitting inside. This roller door type can be used to separate the interior home from the deck or garden. Roller Doors - interior door styles

What Factors Must You Consider While Choosing a Door for Your Home?

While you are choosing a door for your home, there are a few things that you must consider. Irrespective of whether you are renovating your home or it’s a new one, some points should always remain a priority.

Visual Appeal

The moment a person steps in, the first thing he sees about your house is the door. So, the door has to be appealing and a wise choice. Of course, the other factors that make an impact are the walkway, the garage, and the driveway. But the door could be the first thing to eye upon. Hence a door should be aesthetically designed to meet the owner’s requirements.

Collaborative Design

Since a door is always designed keeping in mind the surroundings, your door must coordinate well with the driveway and walkway. You might choose a simple design, but that must go well with the walkway and entryway. A minimalist look might do justice to the design of your home.


If you live in a community, your door design might have to be coordinated with the neighbors. That does not necessarily mean that you have to take their permission, but similar-looking doors might do justice to the entire look of the area.


The door’s color is an excellent factor in finalizing your choice. The most popular choice of color is beige or brown. You must see that it mainly goes well with the surroundings and the wall color. The color of the brick has to complement the door of your choice.


The material of the construction of the door is essential as that has to be durable. The most commonly used material for the door is wood. Steel doors are strong, and fiberglass is also a great choice. Steel doors look good as you have designs embossed over them. The steel texture is not visible from the outside. They look elegant and alluring.

Doors are the most significant part of your home. Choosing interior door styles is important, and you can refer to any interior designer for the same. Before you decide about the final choice of doors, consider the customer’s review. That is an essential deciding factor before taking the final call. Life is all about seeking new things. So, be judicial about it. Your door stands as a testament to your choice and the first impression. So, choose accordingly.

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