DIY vs Professional Lighting Installation: Which is Right for You?

DIY vs Professional Lighting Installation: Which is Right for You?

Lighting fixtures are a crucial part of any home – they can set the ambiance by providing functional lighting and affect the aesthetic of a room, all at the same time. But when it comes to adding new lighting installations or changing up current ones, should you do it yourself or hire a professional?

With over 60 years of combined experience, AJ’s Electrical have broken down the positives and negatives of each to help you find out which type of service is right for you.

Positives to DIY Lighting

  1. Cost Effective When installing light fixtures, labour costs are something that can add up quickly. When you install lighting yourself, you are automatically saving the labour costs and you can at times cheaper parts for the installations online. Both of these factors combined will lead to significant savings in cost.
  2. Immediate Sometimes electricians, especially good ones, are booked up for months in advance. Instead of waiting for an electrician to become available for work, you can start working on your DIY project as soon as you want.
  3. Flexibility – Doing your own home projects means that you work on your own time and aren’t restricted to someone else’s hours. You can determine when you work on the project with the flexibility of fitting it into your busy schedule.

Negatives to DIY Lighting

  1. Safety Concerns DIY installations come with some risks. Without appropriate skills and experience, you can easily make a costly mistake. The incorrect installation of lighting can lead to electrical problems and even fires. On top of that, working with electricity means that there is a chance that you can accidentally electrocute yourself.
  2. Complexity A lot of highly aesthetic designs are complex installations that you might not have the tools to accomplish. Doing your own installations may result in a simpler design vs what you envisioned originally. However, if you think you have it in you to figure out the complexity of a specific installation, you’ll more than likely have to rent tools to accomplish it.
  3. Time and Effort The installation process can be a time consuming one. On average, it takes a professional electrician about 1-2 hours to install a standard light fixture, however if they’re installing wiring to a new site, it could take up to a full day. If you’re doing it yourself, be prepared to at least double the timeframe.
  4. Quality and Longevity Concerns Due to your lack of professional training, there will always be a concern about the quality or longevity of a project, especially if you purchased cheaper products. This might lead to more frequent repairs or replacements at the end of the day.

Positives to Professional Lighting Installation

  1. Experience and Expertise Professional lighting installers bring knowledge and experience to the table. They are capable of handling complex designs and will ensure that the installation is not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing.
  2. Higher Quality and Durability Professional lighting fixtures are often made of higher-quality materials which offer longevity.
  3. Comprehensive Plan and Execution When it comes to planning and executing, the professionals have done this time and time again. They will have considered all aspects of the lighting fixture, from the aesthetic appeal to safety and energy efficiency – some things that a DIYer may never even consider or think about.
  4. Time Saving – As we mentioned earlier, installing a light fixture takes time. When you hire a professional, it allows you to spend that time doing other things that might be more beneficial to you. Plus, an experienced electrician will be able to complete the work significantly faster than someone who is doing it for the first time.
  5. No Safety Concerns – As a part of the comprehensive plan, all safety measures are considered and taken into consideration by a professional as they’ve gone to school to learn their specific trade, been certified, and have significant hands-on experience in the field.

Drawbacks to Professional Lighting Installation

  1. Cost Investment Hiring a professional electrician is much more expensive than doing a DIY installation, however this price difference is justified in the long run in terms of quality, durability and overall satisfaction.
  2. Working Around Their Schedule – Most electricians work a standard 9-5 shift. This means that you will need to reschedule your day or take time off of work when your electrician is in your home working – unless you’re willing to leave them in your house alone.

Overall, a DIY installation can be a cost-effective way to add a lighting fixture to your home. It offers a flexible and immediate solution for your home needs.

However, due to the complexity of some installations, they require a certain level of skill and knowledge to avoid any safety, durability or quality concerns. They also are time-consuming tasks that some people may not have the luxury of spending.

Hiring a professional installer will lead to a stress free process. The electrician comes with experience and expertise and is capable of handling any installation. While hiring an electrician might be more costly than a DIY project up front, the cost is justified through the quality, durability, efficiency and overall satisfaction of the project.

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