15 White Marble Backsplash Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchen backsplashes are the embodiment of style that meets practicality in your kitchen. They’re designed to protect your walls that are most prone to spills, stains, and splashes. They’re usually made from easy-to-clean elements such as metal, ceramic, or marble.

Always positioned at eye level, the backsplash is often the first thing that is noticed in your kitchen, which is why it is essential to make a statement of it because it is what brings all the texture and life into your kitchen.

Marble backsplashes are wonderful materials to go into your kitchen. They carry a remarkable design weight, and even though they’re prone to discoloring over time, they’re so elegant that it’s hard to sweep the idea of a marble backsplash under the rug.

We list 15 of the best marble kitchen backsplashes that can instantly impact your kitchen.

1. Pair it With a Bold Color

pair it with a bold color

White has the ability to create a beautiful contrast with almost any color. If you opt to go with Carrara marble, they tend to have less difference in the stone and pair wonderfully with cabinets with bold cabinets. You can see in this kitchen that the green goes richly with the subtle texture of the white marble backsplash.

2. Combine With Black Fixtures

combine with black fixture

Create a moody atmosphere in your kitchen by combining your kitchen fixtures in black with a slab of rich white marble backsplash. This kitchen shows how a marble backsplash with dark grey veins complements the rich, black tones of the fixtures above and below it. You can also choose to pair it with black or gold hardware for a luxurious look.

3. Blend it in With Tunes of Gold

blend it in with tunes of gold

A White marble backsplash paired with gold accents is a combination that takes the award for the most luxurious kitchen setups out there. Elevate your kitchen space by pairing white with gold hardware, creating a rich and warm vibe in your kitchen.

4. Keeping it Classic 

Classic kitchen

Instead of opting for a tiled backsplash, consider a white marble slab instead. A slab is completely customizable to suit the rest of your kitchen, and it is often cheaper to install slabs than to install individual tiles. The best part about marble backsplashes is they’re incredibly classy and ushers in a welcoming vibe in your kitchen.

5. Try a Picket Tile

Picket Tile in kitchen

Instead of going for the regular slab of marble for your kitchen backsplash, you could also opt for a tiled backsplash without sacrificing the timeless look of the marble. A picket or a hexagon-shaped tile are great options for a backsplash, making it a perfect mix of trendy and classic.

6. Match the Backsplash With the Countertops

Backsplash With the Countertops in kitchen

 A rather expensive way to go about building your kitchen, but if you can afford it, there is nothing like it. Marble is so versatile that it can play well with a variety of textures and styles and matching your marble backsplash with your countertops is a great way to make a lasting impression in your kitchen.

7. White Everything

White kitchen

There is a distinct appeal about white kitchens that is extremely charming. Marble is a great material if you want to create a neutral kitchen that is not “on your face”. Combine your white marble backsplash with natural wood accents and minimal accessories to create a clean and everlasting look.

8. Add a Butcher Block to Your Kitchen

Butcher Block to your kitchen

If you have an off-white marble backsplash with grey overlays, pairing it up with butcher block countertops brings a super minimal, Scandinavian-inspired feel to your kitchen. It ensures that your mood is up and about while you prep your meal. This is also a cost-effective method of blending in two polar opposite materials to create a space that is streamlined and visually arousing.

9. Pair it With Wood Flat Panels & Hexagon Floor Tiles

Pair it With Wood Flat Panels & Hexagon Floor Tiles

The slab backsplash design and the marble countertops blend seamlessly with the light wood flat-panel cabinets. The hexagonal floor tiles add more intrigue to the kitchen and provide that extra film of visual interest. The coupling of the white marble backsplash and the faux marble countertops also do well to create an eye-catching contrast with the wooden textures in the kitchen.

10. Combine Grey Shaker Cabinets with Brass Accents

Combine Grey Shaker Cabinets with Brass Accents in kitchen

The grey color palette of this kitchen has a very transitional aesthetic to it that is equal parts stylish and equal parts modern. The brass accents add to the luxurious feel of the kitchen while the marble countertop and the white marble backsplash hold their own to create a contemporary feel in the kitchen.

11. Copper it Up

kitchen  decor

Marble is truly a timeless material. Combine your white marble backsplash with traditional materials such as copper or brass and spread it across your countertops to imbue that beautiful look that is not just warm in its look but also textbook in its look.

12. Spread a Little Mustard Yellow

Spread a Little Mustard Yellow in kitchen

Carrara marble is known to be subtle which makes it perfect for pairing with bold colors. A slab backsplash lacks the textures and details of a backsplash made of tiles, so it won’t feel overly populated when you pair it with bright hues such as mustard yellow or bright orange in your kitchen.

13. Be Extravagant with Your Stove

be extravagant with your stove in kitchen

If you’re a home chef and have a marble backsplash in your kitchen, then splurging on a couple of luxury appliances can contribute richly to your kitchen’s look. A six-stove not only looks eye-catching, but its level of utility is highly commendable and convenient.

14. Add Fish Scales to Your Backsplash

Fish scales to you backsplash kitchen

Fish scale tiles are incredibly unique, and marble is a great element to highlight that shape even more effectively. These marbled fish scale tiles carry their own weight without relying too much on the dark grout of a marble slab.

15. Keep it Small and Detailed


The versatility of marble again comes into play in this scenario. It is such a material that it works well on both large and small scales. Choosing smaller tiles when working with marble helps create a detailed look and further enhances the cosmopolitan look of your kitchen.

Closing Thoughts

White Marble backsplashes are on the rise now and are an extremely elegant yet functional design choice to go with. There are lots of stylistic choices that you can combine with your marble backsplash, with each of them giving a distinct vibe in your kitchen. We hope that this list gave you scenarios that you can implement in your kitchen and bring in that lasting look you’ve always dreamt about!

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