5 Green Velvet Couches That Are Perfect for Today's Design Trends

5 Green Velvet Couches That Are Perfect for Today’s Design Trends

There are so many reasons to choose a velvet sofa. The soft upholstery is comfortable and cozy, and you’ll never experience that jolt of cold when sitting down in the winter. You can’t say that about a leather couch. They also offer a soft, welcoming appearance, making them perfect for many of today’s more natural looks.

Velvet sofas are also very durable and easy to clean (yes, you read that right). If you can catch spills before they sink into the fabric, most wipe right off. Additionally, the fabric is highly resistant to wear and fading, making it great for in front of a large window covered in sheer panels.

Green velvet couches are excellent statement pieces. They command attention from the minute you walk into a room. That makes them a great addition to otherwise drab spaces, like an apartment whose walls are painted a boring soft white.  The fabric’s ability to reflect light ensures it is also up to brightening up the space when placed against a dark wall.

5 Great Green Velvet Couches for Today’s Design Trends

1. Green Velvet Sectionals

Sectionals are versatile and fashionable, so it’s little wonder they are coming back into style. While they may be larger than individual green velvet couches, each piece takes the place of multiple single ones. That makes them a surprisingly good choice for smaller rooms.

Sectionals come in several variations, including side-facing and U-shaped. Either would be a great addition to a mid-century modern living room. The Napa Velvet Left-Facing Sectional Sofa is the perfect example.

2. Apartment Sized Velvet Couches

Small apartments and cottages can still enjoy the luxury of a velvet sofa. Apartment-sized green velvet sofas work great for tight spaces. It can also be helpful to look at mid-century modern styles, with features such as clean lines and tapered legs. These eliminate any bulkiness and instead focus on the functional aspects of furniture. The addition of velvet is a fun twist on this style.

3. Rounded Green Velvet Sofas

Sofas come in all shapes and styles, and rounded green velvet couches may be just what you need for an Art Deco or eclectic living room. Smooth lines work well with the soft and luxurious feel of velvet, giving depth to the soft texture. Add in a matching club chair or coordinating velvet ottoman and you can create a welcoming space with a modern aesthetic.

4. Oversized Green Velvet Sofas

Velvet sofas may work well in small spaces, but they can shine equally bright in large, open living rooms. Choose oversized couches for these spaces since they take up extra space. Excess pillows can also add to the amount of visual space a sofa takes up, so furniture with those can be an excellent choice.

5. Green Velvet Benches

A green velvet bench is a practical and attractive addition to virtually any entryway or bedroom. Choose one in a classic style to accent your other furniture and decor. For example, the deep green of velvet provides an excellent foil to other upholstery or leather pieces.

See How a Green Velvet Sofa Can Complement Your Decor

Green velvet couches are attractive, durable, and functional, not to mention unique and eclectic. Add a touch of green to your already established design aesthetic.

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