Are Herringbone Floors a Passing Trend?

Are Herringbone Floors a Passing Trend?

With continuous changes in interior trends, it is quite difficult to track the elements of the interior that are trending currently.

There’s yet another factor that is as important as the popularity. It is how a particular trend stands at the test of time.

An important thing to keep in mind in interior decor is to go with the timeless trend. It is helpful in the long run.

Some trends stay relevant for a very limited time. So, how do you decide which trend is here to stay and which is a passing trend?

Furthermore, incorporating something that will not stand the test of time could be a big mistake for something as permanent as flooring.

Is incorporating a Herringbone flooring in your interior a good idea? Are people still using it? Why should you use it? 

Read answers to all these questions and much more in this blog. Let’s get started!

What is Herringbone Flooring?

If you have been actively looking for flooring ideas for your new home, you must have come across many flooring styles.

One such popular flooring idea is herringbone flooring. Herringbone flooring is flooring made with rectangular floorboards arranged in a zigzag pattern. 

In the herringbone flooring, the floorboards remain 90 degrees from each other. It tends to give out an overlapping look, making for a very eye-pleasing pattern.

Benefits of Herringbone Flooring: Why Should You Use It?

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, herringbone floors also provide several other benefits.

Herringbone flooring is a type of parquet flooring that is known for its strength and long-lasting nature. Similarly, herringbone flooring is quite durable and strong. 

Its locked appearance gives it an illusion of spaciousness that works quite well for confined spaces. 

They are quite versatile and available at a huge range of prices. Not to forget the vast variety of colors, designs, and sizes.

Other than these amazing benefits, the herringbone floors are lauded for their timeless appeal, too. 

They are also easy to maintain and quite easily last for years to come.

Is Herringbone Flooring Still Relevant?

Is Herringbone Flooring Still Relevant?

If you are looking to add herringbone flooring to your contemporary home, you must be wondering if they are still relevant and if they will fit in your home or not.

The answer to both questions is yes! Herringbone flooring is a classic flooring style that is as relevant as it has been since it came into the limelight.

It is also quite safe to assume that they will be here for years to come owing to their ageless appeal.

This design trend is known for its elegance and modern appeal, which is also one of the prominent reasons for its increasing popularity in modern homes.

Their sealed appearance and the ability to offer a plethora of options in design and style are the reasons for their continued usage in modern homes.

Be it herringbone tiles on the bathroom floor, a living room, a dining space, or a kitchen, herringbone tile is sure to add a touch of beauty to every space.

You can use herringbone tiles in just every corner of your home. Their geometric pattern gives a sophisticated and neat appearance to your space.

How to Choose the Best Herringbone Flooring?

Just like any other element of your interior, there are various options in herringbone flooring. Some herringbone floorings use engineered wood, while others use solid wood.

Some kinds may be more costly, more durable, and better in other aspects. So, how do you choose one for your project? What are the criteria you should look for while choosing it? 

There are a lot of criteria in selecting the best herringbone flooring for your needs. 

These criteria may include but are not limited to aesthetics, the ability to withstand moisture if your place usually experiences rain, budget, design, etc.

Herringbone tiles come in different patterns, including single, double, and triple layers. You can choose the one that matches your needs and preferences.

Engineered wood is generally less costly than solid wood and offers all the benefits of solid wood, such as elegance and strength.

Other than the abovementioned criteria, it is also suggested that you consider your overall interior and use the herringbone tile that suits you best.

Is Herringbone Flooring Here to Stay?

Herringbone flooring is a classic flooring style; it is not a fad that will go away as time passes. 

They offer a lot of benefits, which is the reason for their relevance in today’s interiors. Their elegant appeal, their warmth, and their timeless aesthetic.

Another important thing about them is that they are available in a huge range of styles and price ranges which means that people of all classes can use them in their homes.

Herringbone flooring has been used in the interiors for about 400 years, and it is not going to go away anytime soon. 

So you can incorporate them into your interior without any hesitation. 

Want to learn more about it? Check out our previous blog, where we’ve covered the intricacies of herringbone tile in bathroom flooring in detail.


Herringbone flooring is a famous kind of flooring that has been used in homes since the 16th century. 

They can prove to be a great choice even today as they provide so many benefits even in today’s interior. 

Herringbone flooring has various qualities, including its strength, durability, aesthetic appeal, and many others, contributing to its popularity.

Another significant factor contributing to their usage in contemporary homes is their ability to blend with all kinds of interiors.

So, if you’re wondering if using herringbone flooring in your home is a passing trend, think again! 

Herringbone flooring is here to stay and for years to come.  Good luck with your future projects.

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