warm kale salad with caramelized shallots, pine nuts and apple

this is a post about salad, but before we dive into that kale goodness above lets talk about dining room tables.  because it’s pretty much all i can think about. and if i harass lou about it any more we may end up in counseling. last night we cleared all of the miscallaneous crap out of the dining room that was lingering since the move (only 5 months later!) and hung all our art. when the dust settled i realized that the perfect table for our room is one i have spent years lusting over!  it’s the saarinen tulip table (see it in spaces here and here). we picked up a vintage saarinen tulip side table years ago (for a steal because of a chip on one side that we happily cover up with a plant) and that white marble gem makes me happy every time i look at it, so can you even imagine my level of joy if we had 8 FEET OF IT IN OUR DINING ROOM!? i can, obviously.  and how pretty does food look on marble?  it tasted 40% better too (yes, i did eat off the side table. i have no shame). now we just need to stumble on one with a chip.  preferrably on the underside. that shaves about $6500 off the price.  ok then. kale…. 

recipe after the jump…

warm kale salad is so good for those days when you want to get something green and healthy in you but also crave the warmth of a cooked meal!  this one is easy and perfect for a light and satisfying lunch. truth be told it’s not the prettiest (or at least my hastily thrown together one wasn’t), but it sure is tasty!

the what:

one giant bunch of kale or 1 1/2 small/medium bunches

3 medium shallots

1/4 cup pine nuts

1 sweet apple (like pink lady)

grape seed oil

for the dressing:

3 tablespoons tahini

2 cloves garlic, minced

juice of one lemon

1 tablespoon agave 

1 tablespoon avocado oil (or other light oil)


sea salt

the how:

preheat over to 375

cut kale into large pieces, removing most of the stem

toss in grape seed oil, sprinkle with sea salt,  place on roasting sheets and set aside

thinly slice shallots and start to caramelize in a well oiled frying pan on low/medium heat

while the shallots are caramelizing chop the apple into tiny bits and place in a large serving bowl with the pine nuts

keep an eye on the shallots-  stir every once in a bit but give them time to brown and sweeten- lower your heat if they’re cooking too fast or burning!  

combine the dressing ingredients in a small mixing bowl – add water to thin the mixture to a dressing consistency you’re pleased with 

when you think the shallots are almost done it’s time to get that kale in the oven! cook it until it’s warmed through but remove before it gets too crispy on the edges.  chop into smaller pieces and mix with shallots, apple and pine nuts.  dress individually, and enjoy! 

hearty & spicy winter salad

another day, another delicious salad for lunch!  this time with rye berries.  as it turns out, they’re pretty stinking good- for berries that aren’t filled with sweet juice. i like a lot of kick in a salad lately, so i went for the arugula and spicy balsamic combo. with the sweetness of the currants and roasted root veggies it was pretty much perfect! how-to below, if you’re curious.  


celery root



red onion

dried currants

rye berries


balsamic vinegar

olive oil

red pepper flakes

sea salt 


soak 1 cup of rinsed rye berries overnight, then drain and cook in rice cooker with 1 3/4 cups of water.

chop the celery root, parsnips, carrots and red onion into bite size pieces.  lightly coat in olive oil, sprinkle on a couple shakes of sea salt and roast at 350 degrees until soft.

for the dressing: mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar,red pepper flakes and sea salt, to taste. i prefer mine of the tangy side, so lots of vinegar and a fair amount of red pepper flakes. spicy!

pile the arugula onto a plate, a healthy spoonful of rye berries and an equal amount of roasted veggies. add a spoonful (or two!) of currants, balsamic vinaigrette and if you’re lucky, a hunk of crusty bread.

easy, delicious, satisfying even on a cold day. oh, and extra healthy to boot. hope you love!