sit & nibble

today’s sit & nibble includes my favorite chairs, designed by warren platner. one day i will own a couple of these, even if i have to sell everything we have to do it!  the recipe on the top right is for fried bananas and the bottom left is a salted coconut caramel brownies. both are vegan!  I  II  III  IV

now, for some things around the interweb that inspired me this week:

how pretty is she and how cute are these photos?!

i can’t stop thinking about this dress, as hard as i might try. tangerine and hot pink should get married.

i definitely had a few heart palpitations looking through these

i’ll most definitely be trying this with my hair sometime soon, so sweet and pretty! 

and this looks like healthy and tasty spring dinner that i’d like to try.

have  a great weekend my friends, see you on monday!