hey now!  so i was thinking it would be really fun to answer your email questions in a new “ask sarah” series. i mean, i think i could possibly be of service, and when i fail i know that all of you will chime in with just the right advice to save my ass. here are a few questions to get it started *all questions submitted by yours truly:

q:  sarah, are you qualified to be answering questions on the interweb?

a: ah, well, there’s a pretty simple answer to that one: absolutely not. i’ve never attended answering questions on the interweb college, or even taken a course on it for that matter.  i have absolutely no background in answering questions professionally whatsoever.  i fancy myself an internet dr. phil though, so i think it’s all good.

q: will you be able to answer questions of a scientific or mathematical nature?

a: not independently. however should i receive one i will promptly forward to my friend annie who is extremely good at google and much, much smarter than the average bear.  together we will get to the bottom of any and all smarty-pants questions.

q: will you help me find a dress to wear to a wedding/job interview/party/funeral/christening/bbq or date night to the icecapades?  or the perfect chair for that awkward empty nook in my living room?

a: oh hell yes.  online shopping for others is one of my joys in life.  just make sure to give me a little background info on you and what your needs are.  send pictures when appropriate.

q: will you advise me on how to best handle an awkward situation/conflict with a friend, colleague or family member?

a: oh most definitely.  and i have watched pretty much every episode of real housewives of anywhere so i am very well versed in What Not To Do.

q: will you suggest a recipe for my lactose intolerant, gluten free, vegetarian-who-doens’t-eat-anything-green/red or blue sister in law for a dinner party i’m hosting?

a: i will do my damnedest.  and it will be delicious.

so there we go, off to a roaring start! please bring on the questions my friends (via email, comments or the form under “contact”). otherwise you’ll all be subjected to more of me asking and answering my own questions.  which would be awkward for all of us.

*vintage vogue cover found here