APPLE TART {vegan, gluten free!}

this is the year i learn how to bake my friends!  when we stopped eating eggs, dairy, white flour and sugar i gave up on the idea of baked goods- and my heart, it broke a little.  ok, A LOT.  but that was crazy!  there are so many ways to make amazing baked goods without those things.  and i’ve committed to learning how.  one delicious tart at a time.  i think you’re going to really love this new ambition of mine and if you have a recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies that you want to share- please do!  more after the jump, including why i think this tart is the perfect dish for entertaining!

i’ll be serving this up at our next dinner party because it’s easy to make (fool proof even!), has extraordinary flavor (no one will ever know it’s healthy) and lastly- it’s an impressive presentation. homemade tart?  i think your guests will assume you were laboring over it for hours.  that’s how i like it- smoke and mirrors!  i hope you enjoy…

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