I started working on this post a few weeks ago and don’t want to cancel it just because our Bali trip is postponed-  I thought it might be super helpful still for those of you who have upcoming travel adventures!  I plotted my carry-on for months in preparation for the 30 hours of travel we were facing.  I’ve done enough epic plane flights to know that preparedness is EVERYTHING, and ill-preparedness can lead to absolute misery at 30,000 ft!  So today I’m breaking down what goes on board the Boeings with me- from everything shown to a few other essentials that I don’t leave the country without.  Hope you love!


It all starts with an incredible carry-on bag.  This gorgeous specimen of a bag is Lost Property of London via Roztayger, available in black sailcloth as well. (Roztayger also has an amazing travel section on their site, which I LOVE , and offers 10% off when singing up for their mailing list here!)  My non-negotiables for a carry-on are as follows: 1.) must have over-the-shoulder-capability 2.) must be large enough to carry my essentials but not so large as to be knocking my fellow passengers in the noggin as I travel down the aisle 3.) must be versatile and  beautiful- I want it to look stylish with anything I wear.  This one fits the bill perfectly!  Now for what goes inside it…. (more after the jump)

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Happy Friday everyone!  Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Helene Cornell, owner of Urban Holiday Rentals. She’s a San Diego based entrepreneur who was recently featured on American Express’ Passion Project (see video below), and is an inspiration to all of us who are working to make our dream life a reality!  Helene renovates Airstream and canned ham trailers, turning them into fun and quirky vacation rentals.  But while chatting with Helene about her work life the thing I found MOST impressive was her dedication to providing a completely unique travel experience to her guests.  Upon request Helene will cook breakfast, happily provide all the San Diego travel recs needed and for guests that are interested, even take them on what she calls the “San Diego underground tour”.  I’m a firm believer that there’s NOTHING better than a local to give you the inside scoop when you travel, so to me, what Helene provides her guests is worth all the vacation dollars in the world.  Click through to see more of Helene’s trailer and read her suggestions for the BEST OF San Diego, it’s a serious list of must-do’s for anyone visiting! {more after the jump}

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