Happy Wednesday friends!  Thanks so much for sharing the excitement with us about the move and vacation rental!  I re-read yesterday’s post and realized I was kind of vague about why we’re leaving the desert and I don’t want to be that vague writer that doesn’t talk about what’s REALLY going on, even when it’s not truly a juicy story.  So here’s the skinny:  We’ve really struggled with meeting people and making friends in Palm Springs.  For the first 15 months we literally knew no one except our real estate agent.  Because of that we were constantly going into LA and San Diego to spend time with friends, or having friends come out for the weekend.  Every attempt we made to meet people was a dead end and kind of laughable (senior citizen tennis lessons anyone?). Being that we both work from home and have no industry base here in the desert, there was a lot of US time, maybe too much US time to be honest.

Since that point we’ve met some great people, but it takes time to turn brand new friendships into the kind of friendships that we have in our old home towns, of course.  And the great people we have met are still very few in numbers, lead busy lives and are already established with their own friends here.  All of this is a very typical experience for moving to a new town, but we’re at a point in our lives where our friendships are high up there on the MOST IMPORTANT list.  Living so far from the ones we love the most is harder than we anticipated, and even the sweetest house in the desert is pretty lonely when you can only share it with friends on occasion.  So there it is. We shall live in a nearly empty two bedroom apartment to be closer to the ones we love, very happily.  Home, as they say, is where the heart is.  Thanks again for your support and excitement for us!  Recipe for these seriously tasty thyme roasted heirloom carrots after the jump!  xx- Sarah

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