do you have a vision board?

have you read the secret?  i know, it was all oprah could talk about for awhile, and like the rest of america i was totally sucked in.  but one of the things i got out of it was this: create a vision board of what you want your life to be and you will manifest it. it was 2008 when i read that, and having nowhere to go but up i crafted one. i remember thinking, these goals i’m putting on here are CRAZYPANTS, but if i’m dreaming BIG, this is it. here i am, 4 years later and i just stumbled across my 2008/2009 vision boards. and guess what: EVERY SINGLE DREAM AND WISH MANIFESTED.  of course, i worked for them. but keeping my eye on the prize, making a visual commitment and focusing in on my intentions, it sure as heck didn’t hurt!  so in a crazy bout of insomnia tonight i made a new one and it’s now my desktop:  chock full of inspiration, reminders, goals and things to look forward to! 

it’s also pretty fantastic to see what changes i’ve made, both personally and professionally, since my first vision board. in 2009 my goals were very  much work/money/acquiring oriented.  and now, although i still have my ambitions and yes that is a dororthy draper dresser your see, more of my board is based on improving myself, cultivating experiences that will inspire me, and focusing in on the things that bring me true happiness. if you don’t already have one, i hope this inspires you to make your own! (and pinterest is a fantastic place to start!)