The Paloma, brought to you by Sweet Thing!

no imaginary trip to mexico is complete without some tequila, right?!  today we have the lovely sweet thing stopping by with a recipe for the paloma. it’s not surprising that this looks like THE MOST REFRESHING DRINK OF ALL TIME because jessie is a genius.  yep, i said it!  and i don’t just throw words like genius around.  so head on over to her corner of the interweb and fall down the rabbit hole of inspiration.  you won’t be sorry!

When Sarah asked me to share a recipe with you while she’s in Tulum, I immediately thought of one of my favorite Mexican cocktails- The Paloma. Apparently it’s Mexico’s most beloved drink, even over the Margarita. The Paloma is usually made with tequila and some sort of grapefruit soda, but I much prefer to make it using fresh ingredients. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

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