I LOVE everything about entertaining, from start to finish.  Meal planning, setting the table, choosing the right music- it’s all so much fun!  And of course the best part is that moment where I’m surrounded by loved ones at the table, everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves and I take a pause to sit back and soak it all in.  That is the best feeling!  I’m a believer that at a dinner party things don’t have to be fancy to be great, but it does add an extra bit of fun when they are!  We didn’t have a registry when we got married and I’d never taken the time to fully put together a table set, so I recently enlisted the help of my dear friend / table styling genius Farra Miron of Hostess Haven to consult and and help me find the perfect tableware for all occasions! I’m sharing the results below- I hope you love!  xx- Sarah  {more after the jump}

I admit, my taste are all over the place- I love things rustic, glam, vintage and modern.  So when Farra was helping me with the table she put together the perfect mix of all and even incorporated a bunch of what we already had!  The Heath Ceramics plates that we got at the factory store last Fall were the starting point, those are going to be our dishes for life, I love them so much.  This table is my dream celebration table- what I would love to have for special occasions or anytime I felt like glamming it up a bit.  It would be perfect for a girls brunch and at night the sparkle of all the gold would make it so festive and beautiful!

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