the truth about style posts, and these pants of course

lately i’m all into putting my hand behind my head or in my hair when we’re shooting, and concerned you think my no shampoo experiment has gone awry i think it’s best i just address it and clear the air.  i promise, my scalp is fine.  it’s the having my picture taken thing, that’s where the trouble comes along.  you see, these posts may look like they’re all fun and games, but in reality they’ve been the source of a few marital squabbles and can make me feel painfully self conscious and bring out my extra awkward side (hence, arm in strangely contrived positions).

WHY DO THEM you ask?!  well, i also really love sharing my style with you guys and there are shoots where we have a lot of fun (usually when i’m kicking dirt or spinning in circles).  sometimes it just feels like a game of dress up!  and from what i’ve heard from chats with other blogger friends who do these posts as well, the awkwardness and occasional marital spats are all just a part of the torture fun!  so, if you see another photo of me with my hand posed uncomfortably atop my head, now you know.  i can’t help myself.  and my scalp is fine.

now that the nonsense above is out in the open, let’s talk about these pants.  these pants that i stalked like a LION IN THE SERENGETI.  (remember this?)  yes, i waited patiently until these bad boys went on sale (only $108!) and then snapped them up as quickly as i could press “add to cart”.  i just love the slit detail, don’t you? if you’re interested in snagging them for yourself i recommend a size up from your normal j brand size.  xx- sarah

SHOP THIS OUTFIT: jeans: j brand on sale!, tee: current elliott, shoes: zara, bag: heather heron (similar), sunnies: mosley tribes, lips: dior blazing red