as promised, another recipe to make use of those preserved lemons! i whipped up this cauliflower couscous with chickpeas, preserved lemons and parsley- easy, healthy, delicious.  i would prefer it as a side dish, although we ate it as a meal (with tobasco, because in our house it isn’t a meal if there’s not hot sauce involved).  lou said it “tastes like fish” which is a little confusing because a fish has been no where near this dish. and though i love seafood, i don’t want non-seafood dishes to taste fishy!  he later backtracked and said this dish would be “so good served with fish”.  thatta husband, way to recover.  anyway, i think it was the lemon and parsley that tricked his taste association button.  or he’s fucking with me.  it’s hard to say definitively.  thoughts my friends?  xx- sarah  {more after the jump}

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a little spring project

have you ever noticed that organic herbs are really silly expensive?  i get so annoyed paying $5 for a tiny little container (shaking my fist at you whole foods!). so, i figured i’d have one more go at gardening. if you never hear mention of this again you can assume the worst.

i found this giant barrel container at home depot, i’m thinking i can get 6 plants in it.  but really, i’m flying by the seat of my pants here since i don’t have the patience to read about gardening.  i’d rather just do it! feel free to share your tips and tricks, those i would read! i’m hoping this works out, then i can fill in the other half of this one and get another.  i have visions of these barrels overflowing with herbs.  maybe i’ll even have a little herb stand kitty-corner to whole foods, that’d show em.