a couple of cuties

This is the pup we remember from Mexico, so calm and well behaved sitting on Lacey’s feet just waiting for our next move.  That pup is long gone.  He’s been replaced by a dog 10 lbs heavier and knee deep in our fish pond looking at us with the wild eyes.  Life is funny. * i also love the timelessness of the photo of the little girl- you can’t tell if it was taken last week or ten years ago. 

oscar’s distinguished profile

We’re pretty sure Oscar has gained ten pounds since we got him back to the States and replaced his belly full of worms with a belly full of kibbles.  You should see the throw-downs happening in our backyard.  It’s dog WWF around here.  So far Ruca is winning but mostly because Oscar’s oversized paws and lack of coordination keep tripping him up.  Anxiously awaiting the rest of Oscar’s shots so we can take him to the dog park….