Dark Bottom Pool for the Ojai House?

Hi everyone!  I’m over the moon about the response to the news about our move and home reno project- I swear the collective excitement of the internet has made this 1000X more exciting!!  So basically I’m dead from excitement, it’s too much!  I’m gonna resurrect myself though because there are DESIGN DECISIONS TO BE MADE!!!!  We’re diving right into it with the pool.  {see what I did there?!}

Anyway, do you want to know what nagging thought is waking me up at 3 am?  What if I design all of these things and want to change them allll in five years?!?!  GOOD GOD HOW CAN I MAKE A COMMITMENT TO A KITCHEN WHEN I CAN BARELY STAY IN LOVE WITH A THROW PILLOW?!  This was triggered (heavily) by a wander I took through some secret Pinterest boards I created when we bought our San Diego house.  All I could think when I was going through them was I’m really glad we didn’t do THAT!!!!  And not because any of it is hideous, it’s just that design trends change and my fickle heart gets swept away easily.  I actually think there’s a collective unconscious that effects design specifically.  I mean, otherwise how is it that we all legitimately fall in love with things at the exact same time?  Anyone study this in an Anthropologie class?  {see what I did there?!  HA!  I’m on a roll today}

{Image via Apartment Therapy}

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