Freelance Style


One of my favorite things about my work life is that every day is different- I’ve quickly learned to expect the unexpected!  Being a freelance creative was always my dream- I was never good at sitting in one place for too long and felt like a fish out of water with 9-5 hours.  So of course my closet reflects all of this!  I may wear casual clothes for a day in the office/errand running one day, style an appropriately creative/professional look for meetings the next, and then get dolled up for an evening event after that.  I love it- variety is the spice of my life!  Today I’m partnering with Nine West to share 3 looks to inspire your creative-work life!  I hope you love!  xx- Sarah  {click through for more of each look and shopping details!}

nine_west_A_House_in_the_Hills-15 nine_west_A_House_in_the_Hills-1

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