happy sunday my friends!

i hope you’re all having a great weekend!  according to twitter you’re all watching the superbowl and crying over the budweiser commercial as i type this?  i sure don’t get it but i’m happy it’s keeping you entertained! me? i prefer the puppy bowl.

this weekend we had a friend come into town for a visit and ditched our computers in favor of bike rides, polar plunges in the pool, dog walks, lots of yummy meals & good conversations.  having guests is my favorite thing! i hope you’re having a most relaxing sunday!  xx -sarah

photo from lou’s most recent shoot (mind blowing, if you ask MY opinion).  see more here

the man behind the curtain

happy valentine’s day my husband. i love you to the moon and back, i love our little family to the end of the galaxy and back, i love our life together more than i ever imagined possible. thank you for all that you do for me, for this blog, for our friends and family. {head over to the daily to see a little valentine’s write up featuring mr. mora and myself!}  happy valentine’s day friends, may this day be extra sweet and lovely. xo

lou’s kinfolk magazine outtakes

last fall lou, my girls at bash, please and our friends at heirloom la all got together to produce an amazing shoot for kinfolk magazine. i tagged along to help out, and of course shot a little myself (as you saw in my last post!) above are some of my favorites by lou. beautiful, aren’t they?! i don’t think i’m just being biased because he’s my husbandhead on over to birds of a feather to see my shots of the table from the day! it ws the kind of dinner party i’d kill to be invited to!