happy 4th of july!

thank you so much for all of the kind comments, tweets, instagram and facebook notes yesterday!  our life’s celebrations are that much sweeter with all of your happiness for us. we’re on cloud ten!

here in the states we’re celebrating independence day and everything shuts down while people get focused on bbq’s, booze and any other fun summer activity that they can dream up.  lou and i are headed to pick up the keys to our new house and spend a day by the pool!  we’ll drink champagne, introduce the dogs to their new home, sleep on an air mattress and make our first day/night there the most fun and memorable one we can. i can’t wait to get a little buzz and float around in that pool!  

linda from the netherlands wrote yesterday that she’d love to do a house swap with us, and that’s something we’re really looking forward to doing once we get the house settled and decorated!  so if you would love to swap houses and come to palm springs sometime just send along an email with your airbnb listing and i’ll hang onto it and get in touch when the timing is right!  (we plan on doing lots of travel now that we can stop squirreling away so many pennies for this purchase).  have a great day all! 

photo by jose villa