May Grey Survival Wear


The most effortless outfits are always my favorite.  Case in point- this romper.  It’s a throw-on piece, it’ll always work and can be dressed up or down. Layered with a jacket it’s my go-to for these May grey days we’re having where it starts out gloomy and cold but mid morning turns into a perfectly sunny beautiful day! And the Lulu Frost traveler pin (which happens to be my new favorite accessory) adds the perfect little pop to the waistband, don’t you think?  Happy styling my friends!  See you mañana.  xx- Sarah

SHOP THIS OUTFIT:  romper: Joie (on sale!), shoes: Joie (also on sale!), bag: Chloe, pin: Lulu Frost, sunnies: Karen Walker (similar)

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Plaid Forever


Hey pals!  Today I’d like you to meet my new BFF, plain linen high-waisted, flood length pants.  I think someone designed them just for me.  They’re outrageously good.  As in, try to get me out of them(or this entire outfit)- not happening.  High waisted flood length is my jam, I’m thanking the fashion Gods that it’s also having a moment.

In other news, next week I’m going to be starting to incorporate fitness into the site!  I don’t know if you can tell (well you probably can’t because it’s not like I’m flexing in these photos) but I’ve been working out for the past few months with January Wellness.  I think I mentioned already but I also recently did her sugar detox and am feeling like I’m totally in control of my eating again- that sweet tooth knows it’s place and only pops up every once in awhile (she’s starting another May 18th and I HIGHLY recommend.  And it can be done online for those of you not in SD).  So long  story short- fitness posts are coming to A House in the Hills!  And fitness fashion posts- because I’ve just recently discovered that there’s a whole insanely fun and inspiring world of workout wear- and feeling good in my clothes while pushing my body to do things my mind doesn’t necessarily want to has been SO helpful as I’ve been working hard towards my fitness goals.  So horray for that!  I hope it all inspires you in your own fitness/fashion/life.  Have such a happy weekend my friends!  xx- Sarah

Shop this outfit:  Pants: Whistles, bodysuit: American Apparel, Shoes: Joie, clutch: Clare Vivier, watch: Michael Kors, bracelet: Miansaia_house_in_the_hills_Spring_plaid_linen_pants-14a_house_in_the_hills_Spring_plaid_linen_pants-13a_house_in_the_hills_Spring_plaid_linen_pants-8

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