nina freudenberger is a force- she’s a brilliantly talented interior design maven and owner of haus interior, with stores in west hollywood and nyc (and an online store here!).  i recently photographed her amazing wedding in tulum for birds of a feather, and the second we met i knew we’d be fast friends.  she’s as sweet as they come, has amazing style and is living my alternate universe life!  it was a friendship meant to be.  i popped into her shop in west hollywood the other day to take some snaps and say hello.  i’m so excited to share a peek into her los angeles store and some of the incredible home wares she stocks.  i’m even more excited to share her answers to some questions i sent along.  i love learning more about inspiring, successful ladies and what makes them tick.  hope you enjoy this feature as much as i loved putting it together for you!  

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question: how did your career in interior design start?

answer: After getting my bachelors  at Rhode Island school of Design for architecture, I started working in NYC at a architecture firm. While there, my position moved to the interior design team. I loved it from the very beginning; the dialogue with clients, the shorter project timelines and the tactile quality of it all. It seemed to be the perfect match for me!


question: what are your three favorite places to shop for home goods?

answer:  I have so many favorite places, it’s hard to pick just three. But I love Flair in NYC, so glamorous. Also Empiric in LA and Jayson Home in Chicago.

question: if you were a chair, what chair would you be?

answer:  I’ve never been asked that before!  I would definitely be either a vintage Milo Baughman chair, or a Tom Dixon Fan Chair 


question: would you please tell us about a recent design project that had you excited and inspired?

answer:  I’m working on two projects in the Hamptons, both which are super inspiring. The architecture is very modern and the clients have put a lot of trust in us to make it their dream home. We love being able to really push ourselves and our creativity. 


question: what’s your best piece of design advice?

answer:  Have fun with it! I find too often people try to play it safe which tends to leave them with a home that doesn’t reflect their individual style or just looks like everyone else’s. This isn’t brain surgery, you can make mistakes and correct them as you move forward. Go bold! 

question: what do you love most about your job?

answer:  I love the creative energy of the people I work with. We all feed off each other! The creative process in interior design is not an individual sport, it takes a lot of people to come together with ideas, requirements, craftsmanship, etc, to make the project a success and I love that. 


question: if you weren’t doing interior design/running Haus, what would you be doing?

answer:  I feel so lucky that I am doing exactly what I want to do, but in another life, I would love to design and run a small boutique hotel on a tropical island.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 

isn’t she just a peach and so inspiring!?  i especially love her advice to GO BOLD!  will be taking that to heart as we move forward with our home decorating!  and also very happy to be introduced to the tom dixon fan chair (where has it been all my life?!).  lastly, i’m hoping to do more of these types of posts, so please send me an email if you’d like to be considered for a feature!  sarah {at}  xx- sarah