friendship breakups

at one time or another we have all been that friend, the one that is constantly asking another friend for a favor, or relying on their help, or talking their ear off about whatever personal crisis we’re going through. the friendship balance shifts during these times, and as the other friend, you know that it will eventually shift back- that this give and take is exactly what friendships are made of.  except, what happens when it doesn’t?  what do you do when you realize that things aren’t shifting, that the friendship is out of balance with no hope for change on the horizon?

or have you ever just grown apart from a friend who you thought for sure would be there with you till the end- because of distance, or different life choices, or who they fell in love with?  have you ever realized that you were in a friendship that had no common ground whatsoever, except for a shared past?

it seems inevitable in a lifetime to have friendships that don’t work out, for whatever reason.  but in my limited experience, friendship breakups can be almost as brutal as relationship breakups!  the difference is, when you break up with a friend, your other friends don’t come knocking with ice cream and comedies to distract you from your hurts… it’s kind of expected that you’ll just move on with your life, even if you’re left feeling like there’s a giant hole that friendship used to fill. 

anyway, this was random (inspired by my own life and a mtv true life episode- no shame!). i hope you all have a fantastic weekend with lots of summery fun and goodness.  see you back here next week! xx

photo by alix rose cowie