I’ve been meaning to tackle this for the longest time and I’m actually giddy to be sitting down to write this post! Is that a weird thing to be giddy about?!  Probably.  But I don’t care because today I’m sharing recipes for 6 household cleaning products that are made from the simplest ingredients, most of which are so common there’s a good chance they’re already living in your cupboards.  Rad, right?!  AND, those cute labels, they were designed by the incredibly talented designer Judy Hsu and are available for you to download and print out for yourself! Because cleaning isn’t fun, at least not for this girl!  So at least it can involve cute, inexpensive, GREEN products.  Triple Yes!  And I’ve made it as simple as possible for you below with a complete list of everything you’ll need to make your own personal cleaning arsenal, including those adorable bottles!

I know this post is a deviation from the norm around here and I hope you love it!  I’m trying to mix things up a little, devoting more time to some fun posts like this that I’ve been wanting to do for SO long!  I’m also taking on a few more sponsored posts, which means that companies pay me to share their products with you, or tell you about what they’re up to.  I will always note these posts are sponsored so there’s no shady shaderson going on over here.  And I’ll also remain committed to sharing brands with you that are a good fit for me + you.  Ultimately I hope they’re posts that you love as much as the others  Most importantly they’ll give me the freedom to spend more time on things like this post, which is MAJOR EXCITING!  At least for me, and I truly hope for you too! Thank you so much for reading, for being such a great part of my days, for all your kindness. So, SO MUCH MORE after the jump! xx- Sarah

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