ranunculus and division of labor

aren’t these ranunculus from the farmers market such a fantastic pop of color in our living room?  i forgot how the perfect bunch of flowers can make a whole room feel brand new. now, on to what i’m really itching to talk about…. the division of labor in our house.

one of the most difficult things to work out in our relationship has been who does what when it comes to household chores.  we’ve had countless arguments and passed passive aggressive comments back and forth like teenage mean-girls.  it’s been the one argument we can’t quit. (it seems so silly, but that hasn’t stopped us!)

nearly 4 years into our relationship, it seems we’ve hit our stride. i: make the dog food/feed the pups/grocery shop/cook and lou: cleans/vacuums/takes the pups out/handles trash & house laundry.  no one begrudges the other their job, and we pick up each other’s slack without bitterness when it’s needed. this is the system that works… until it doesn’t i suppose.  in the meantime, we’re off each other’s backs. (phew!)  is this something you’ve worked out in your homes as well?  or are we abnormal in our need to have our jobs clearly defined? {please, do share any things that have worked for you!}