merry merry and see you next year!

i think it’s so important that we all take time away from computers, email, and social media every once in a bit. our minds are overwhelmed, over stimulated, and overworked! so with that said, i hope you are all having the most wonderful holiday season with lots of treats, rest, love and happiness. i will see you in january and will be happily rehashing the end of our month, reflecting on 2011 and getting excited for 2012, i’m positive it’s going to be a great one! {all photos above from my instragram…if you’d like to keep up with eachother there as well, my instragram name is sarahyates!} merry merry, wishing you all the best! 

tis the season

Sarah has been Scrooge McScroogerson for the past ten years- no Christmas tree, no holiday music, no decorations of any kind, no good cheer and definitely no presents.  And then this year things have changed. She’s borderline Christmas fanatic.   We have a tree, we have Christmas music, there are PRESENTS ALREADY WRAPPED UNDER THE TREE.   Question: Where is Sarah and when are you bringing her back?

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