Raspberry Chocolate Hand Pies


Do you know what mends a heart that breaks fifty times a day?  Me neither.  But these raspberry chocolate hand pies are certainly giving it a good college try.  I apologize in advance for what may come of this blog in the next week.  Carlos has taken a turn and is in his final days.  It feels like he arrived here and his body said “ok, I can start to let go now”.  But more on that later.  For now, there are these.  They’re vegan.  They’re delicious, cute, and easy to whip up.  And everyone deserves to feel their love.  xx- Sarah

raspberry_choco_hand_pies-6_a_House_in_the_hills raspberry_choco_hand_pies-3_-a_house_in_the_hills raspberry_choco_hand_pies-5_a_House_in_the_hills

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