ASK SARAH: quick and easy tips for mixing brights into a wardrobe

Q: I’m trying to wear more vibrant colors.  I tend to lean toward earthy and pale tones.  I recently bought a pair of orange shorts by J crew and I have absolutely no idea how to best pair them with other colors.  I meant to up my style quotient a bit and resist the urge to wear them with a plain white shirt.  Can you help?

A: Holy wow it’s been a while since I did one of these posts, so I’m sorry for keeping you in suspense. The answer is heck yes I have some ideas for you!  Bright colors are fun, playful and there are lots of options to keep you out of the white shirt pairing rut. And depending on just how bold you want to be, i have some ideas for you below.

A BRIGHT PINK TOP! (options: 1 2 3 4) I have a sneaking suspicion those shorts you’re talking about might be a tangerine color, in which case pink is my favorite statement color to mix with them.  something like this tank top, with a tan or gold sandal , a simple necklace, a chunky watch, your hair blowing in the breeze and you my dear are hot to trot! but it’s a color explosion, and if you’re not comfortable with that i have other ideas…

like, for instance, a chambray shirt! (Options:1 2 3 4) it’s more mellow, casual, and might be a great transitional piece to get you used to being BRIGHT!  slip on some boat shoes, throw your hair into a pony, add some red lips (and maybe glasses?) and you’re on your way! * you can also sub out this chambray for anything nude, beige or cream and be equally lovely! 

and last but not least, might i recommend a pattern: a plaid, a stripe, a dot or a floral- all are great options for breaking in your brights! (options: 2 3 4 )  tuck it in, throw on a belt, a watch, necklace and some bensimons or converse and you’re effortlessly, casually styled. 

I hope that helps!  There are a million and one ways to style brights, you just need to figure out what makes the most sense with your style, the things you already have in your closet and what you’d like to say to the world on any given day. Most importantly, have fun with it!  xx- sarah