Chairs, a Love Story


If I could only ever buy one type of furniture for the rest of my life it would be chairs.  SARAH, you say, THAT IS RIDICULOUS!  WHERE WILL YOU SLEEP?!  I will sleep with my chairs pushed up against each other and fashioned into a bed, I say.  Is it ridiculous?  Probably.  But the heart wants what the heart wants, and this heart wants allll of the chairs.  The first piece of furniture I ever considered an “investment” piece, meaning it cost more than I ever thought I would spend on something for our house, was a vintage womb chair.  And by more than anything I thought I would spend I mean I think I spent half the money I made that month on the chair.  Which some (aka anyone with two financial cents rattling around in their practical head) might find to be excessive.  But I coveted that chair for so long, and when it was finally ours, I had no regrets about the purchase.  Not once.  It brought me a tremendous amount of satisfaction to see it sitting in the various rental homes we carted it around to.  Chairs, I love you.  I want you all.  I want to style you up with pillows and put you in every corner of my house.   I love you in pairs, I love you around tables, I love you in all of your glorious shapes and sizes.  Truly,  if loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.  Forever yours, Sarah  {SIXTEEN MORE RIDICULOUS CHAIRS AFTER THE JUMP!}

Bohemian Leather Club chair ($525) , Francesa Chair ($315), Homsel Chair ($70), Rialto Rust Faux Leather Chair ($189), Georgia Swivel Chair ($1899), Hollings Velvet Chair ($3099), Molded Natural Plywood Chair ($109), Origami Leather Chair ($1499)

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a new series: chairs i love and yummies i really want to eat.  you into it?  i am! I / II / III / IV

full disclosure: these recipes are not vegan or macrobiotic in any way. nor are these chairs in our budget. {meaning none of the above is goingt to happen for this girl} BUT they’re the things my fantasies are made of.