I’m totally having one of those weeks- the ones where you’re probably best served staying in bed!  Yesterday morning I sat down at my computer with a glass of warm herbs from my acupuncturist (picture a tall glass of dirt water).  As I was plugging in a card reader to download my photos from the shoot we did the night before I clumsily knocked over the cup of herbs and watched my entire desk become dirt water soup.  Included in the natural disaster scene was my cell phone, keyboard and the two flash cards with all of the photos  from our shoot. THANK GOD THEY WEREN’T WEDDING PHOTOS.  AND THANK GOD FOR MY CAT LIKE REFLEXES. And while we’re at it THANK GOD I AM NOT A BRAIN SURGEON!  I snatched the cards up before too much damage was done (85% of the photos were recovered!) and begrudgingly cleaned up the rest.   And then I took the day off (kind of).  Because that’s what you do, right, when your whole week is filled with one debacle after the next?  I also ate a lot of ice cream since the recipe I’ve been working on for vegan, gluten free crepes has failed me FOUR TIMES.  Rubbery crepes, blech!  Ice cream.  Cardamom ice cream with a cinnamon swirl. Vegan, free of refined sugar, as sweet and creamy as the real deal.  That’s the answer!  Happy weekend everyone! xx- Sarah

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