today’s ask sarah question came from my friend lucy, an australian living in germany who is just about as entertaining and fun as they come. i adore her!  so, here we go….

QUESTION: I am going to a wedding in Bali in October, I need a dress – and I have no idea what’s good. The reason I am stumped  is that it will be tropical, like humid/ hot – and you just can’t do silky numbers in those conditions. I know you love shopping, and vicariously is good for your wallet. Got any good recommendations? Holla. Your mate, Lucy

ANSWER: oh darling lucy, i  do love shopping for other people.  you know me well!  here’s what I rounded up for you.  three looks, all perfectly suited to the tropics ( i do not worry about silky dresses so long as they’re sleeveless!) when i think about bali i think of bright colors, palm trees and warm breezes.  and weddings are the perfect excuse to look your most fabulous.  without further ado…

this is my first option for you.  the shoes are an investment (but also really versatile so can be worn for years to come) and the rest is all very wallet friendly.  i’d wear this with hair down in loose waves and a bright coral lip (like this).  the blue would make your eyes pop, the dress would flatter your curves, the shoes would give you some height/length and you’d look perfectly, effortlessly, tropical-lucy fabulous.  

SHOP THIS LOOK: dress: asos, cuff: luv aj, shoes: DVF, bag: zara  more after the jump!

next up we’ve got a mara hoffman number.  because no one does pattern better, do they?  and bright colors, pattern, and a super mini SCREAM bali.  i’d wear that topshop bracelet on my forearm, and then a chunky gold watch and a couple of bangles on the other arm (similar to these but i’d pick them up at forever 21 or claire’s).  again with this i see you in loose, beachy waves and a bright lip (hot pink!) 

SHOP THIS LOOK: dress: mara hoffman, shoes: asos, bracelet: topshop, bag: clare vivier

and lastly, if you’re looking for length, there’s this neutral and neon number.  which i can totally picture blowing in the tropical breeze and looking killer with your tan.  ugh, this is making me so jealous!  i’d bust out the hot pink lipstick for this and add in a forearm cuff as well (in my dream world, this one but in real life i’d probably go with the topshot bracelet in look one).  allrightthen lucy, happy wedding in bali, you have enough fun to make up for all of us who aren’t so fortunate to have friends getting married in the tropics this year.  enjoy every minute of it!  xx- sarah

SHOP THIS LOOK: dress: bcbg, shoes: asos, bracelet: adia kabur, bag: asos