eating in austin

eating in austin is a sport, and one they don’t take lightly. a few of my favorites: veggie tamales & stewed okra at the eastside cafe, hibiscus mint popsicles dipped in red wine at the hotel san jose, the sticky bun at olivia’s (the fried chicken there looked pretty tasty too), the cheese/fruit plate at hotel saint cecilia, the endive/walnut salad at 24 diner, and the fried ochra at perla’s. i have a feeling we hardly scraped the surface of the yumminess in that town, even though it was a pretty epic food tour. anyone from austin want to chime in with some recommendations for our next trip?  1. alysha, matt’s girlfriend 2. chicken at olivia’s 3. paigey and kevin at hotel saint cecilia 4. kevin 5. matt and lou at perla’s 6. cheese and fruit at hotel saint cecilia *i’m pretending that we didn’t drive 35 minutes outside of the city for bbq at a place that served meat by the pound {on butcher paper with a tall stack of white bread}.