caramelized onion and pear salad

i figure if you even looked at yesterday’s post you should probably go eat some greens, pronto! here’s the one that i ate immediately after taking down a few of those ridiculously tasty banana treats (all sugar guilt absolved!). this salad combines my love of spicy and sweet. it’s simple but the flavor is incredible. here’s what you need: caramelized onions, pear, arugula, lemon juice, sea salt. the trick to this salad lies in the onion… liberal seasoning (sea salt, pepper and red pepper flakes for spice), and a verrrrrrrry slow cooking time in a generous amount of refined coconut oil to caramelize them and bring out the sweetness in the onion.  mix together arugula, onions, chopped pear and then sprinkle sea salt on all.  Squeeze lemon juice onto the whole shebang until it’s dressed and serve immediately!