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hi sarah, your hair always looks so great, and especially your bangs! i just joined the forehead fringe club, and i was wondering if you had any tips for styling them? particularly keeping them in place so you don’t end up rocking a frontal toupee look, and making them look nice and full! (that second part may just be a personal fine-haired problem). thanks  – virginia

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hi virginia,

thanks for writing!  i have a love affair with bangs.  when i first cut mine in 2010 my hair-life changed forever. but it did take me a minute (or a year) to figure out how to best manage them.  here are my tips for embracing the fringe and making the best of a most versatile hair-do!  

– if you’re concerned about having fine hair and bangs my first recommendation is to see a great colorist!  they can add so much depth and dimension to your hair and give you the appearance of a thicker bang with color alone (highlights and a variety of color creates layers and works wonders)!  also go for a bang-cut that starts farther back on your head.  for example, that pretty red head above- her bangs start pretty far back and it definitely helps with her situation since she doesn’t have the thickest hair!  also, keep them on the long side for a similar look.

– blow dry immediately after showering.  this might not be necessary for those with super straight hair but if you have even a hint of wave this is critical!  when i first cut bangs i used this product in wet hair to help “train”them to lay flat.  this was especially important for me because i have a big ol’ widow’s peak (yes, kids teased me and said i was a vampire in 5th grade)

– when blow-drying, hold hair dryer over top of head and blow dry down on your bangs… you’re basically drying them in the place you want them to stay

– i use this travel sized flat iron to go in after the blow dry and flatten the ends.  in my experience if i flat iron the entire fringe, it gets suuuppper flat, so i just stick the the very tips where the blow dry wasn’t able to do the job

– and this trick i learned from my hairdresser- spray hairspray (i like this one) onto fingertips, rub together and then use fingers to put the tiniest amount onto a few pieces of your bangs- this gives you a little hold while simultaneously avoiding the oh-so-awkward BANG HELMUT!  seriously- avoid the bang helmet at all costs.  if the wind blows, you want your bangs to move.  even if they move to a less ideal place, at least you won’t look like you’ve time traveled form the 80’s.  and that’s a good thing, in case it’s in question.

– so those are my tips!  friends, do you have advice for virginia?  feel free to chime it!  


photo one : susan kindt  photo two: vogue, germany