American Express and Amazon, Saving my LIFE!

Hi friends!  I’m now a little over a month deep in this new life as a mama and it’s mind boggling how much has changed!  My priorities have shifted and it feels like our lives now orbit around this tiny, incredible, sweet little human.  I feel infinitely more vulnerable to all of life’s ups and downs which is both exhilarating and terrifying. My heart now lives permanently attached to this little guy’s happiness and well being- and that alone sometimes nearly takes my breath away!  As you may have read here, we had a rocky start.  Things have improved but I’m still fighting the good fight to heal and have had a few bumps in the process.  Thank you all so very much for all of your sweet comments, kind notes and support!  I read every one of them and if it wasn’t so important for me to use the rare free moment I have for rest I would have responded to each of you with my love and gratitude!  You are all seriously the BEST!

As all parents know, these first months are exhausting!  We recently found ourselves awake at 3:30 am wondering what trick might help our little babe sleep through a particularly fussy phase (upright to help with reflex and out of our bed for a couple of hours so that we could actually get a little deep rest as well).  Within minutes we were on Amazon reading reviews and ordering the mama roo swing, which turned out to be a lifesaver when it arrived two days later!  THANK YOU AMAZON PRIME AND HELLO SLEEEEP!  Repeat this scenario with different needs 20 times and you have our life right now, in a nutshell.  We collected very few baby things in preparation with the reasoning that every baby is different and that they need so little in the beginning anyway.  It’s been wonderful because we don’t have anything that’s not being used- we’re ordering as we go (with free two day shipping it’s yet to be an issue)!  There’s a short list of items that I’d recommend for every baby, and I’m sharing it below.  But first and foremost I recommend signing up for Amazon Prime and the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card where new card members earn 10% back on Amazon purchases for the first 6 months.  Given our current ordering rate that’s a big deal!  HELLO SAVINGS!!!!!  They’re making me feel better about our middle of the night desperation purchases and the extra expenses that come with this new addition to the fam!  Click through to see my must-have short list and let me know what saved your life with a newborn- we are open to anything that will help make this sweet phase in life just a little easier.  xx- Sarah

This post was produced in partnership with American Express.  Thank you for your support of this site and our sponsors!


1. Lov’dbaby organic infant cap 2. Baby Shusher 3.  Baby nail clippers and file  4.  Honest Co. Diapers  5.  Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care  6.  Lov’dbaby orgnaic long sleeved onesie  7.  Lulu Love Organic Swaddle Cloths  8.  Water Wipes  9.  Natursutten Pacifiers

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  1. Geri|

    So darn adorable 😉 a new baby is the best! I know it’s exhausting… But it is still the best!

  2. Diane|

    Every single day gets better but the old fashioned drive in the car seat always works wonders. We did many of those 4:00 a.m. drive in our bathrobes. But since my “baby” turned 29 today, we did not have all the wonderful new inventions that take that same idea of motion and noise and incorporate it into something you can use in the home. But if all else fails, bundle up and start the engines! Good luck and enjoy every single moment no matter how rough as they will soon be replaced with other moments. And he is delicious!

  3. nina|

    I just read your birth story. My goodness. I was in tears. I am happy not to hear everything is fine. I wonder if you had ever heard of Robyn Chutkan, the gastroenterologist who has provided new insight on the microbiome, et. al.? I think this podcast, could be of particular interest to you, having read your blog over the years…. Also her book on the microbiome is vastly illuminating for our own health, and our childrens. Peace and bon sante!

  4. Qamar|

    The photo of the newborn baby is cute and. I like to see new babies. AMERICAN EXPRESS AND AMAZON is remarkable for me. Because everything is going fine. Nevertheless, the cap of an infant is comfortable and suitable in winter.
    Regard: Qamar