Doing it Right: Pop & Scott


I just stumbled upon Australian designers/makers Pop & Scott and felt compelled to share the goodness ASAP!  They sell furniture, lighting, art, bed linens, rugs and ceramics- all of which are lovely beyond description and hand crafted in their workshop.  I’m bummed that they’re all the way over in Australia (but on the other hand I do love a good excuse to fantasize about booking a trip down under).  On the bright side, Amber Interiors is stocking some of their goodness here stateside!  And I have dreams of someday carrying some of their beauties in our humble little store.  Can we just please have more hours in the day??  I’ll get right on adding their pieces to our shop if I can just have a meager 5 more hours a day.  Please and thank you.  In the meantime, click through to see more of my favorites and pop over to Pop & Scott and see what all my fussing is about, you won’t be disappointed!  xx- Sarah

Bungalow_Pot_by_Bobby_and_Tide_1024x1024 Feather_Top_Rectangle_47e80bfd-aaec-4722-9ab4-d919f1a6bb10_1024x1024

16_Aztec_summertime_copper_dip_sangria_petal_yellow_dip_mustard_petal_1024x1024 Velvet_Lovers_Petrol_with_Sand_Dip_1024x1024

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  1. Lisa|

    Can you tell me where that navy blue cushion/mini sofa chair is from in that last photo?