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Hi friends!  Summer is going strong here in San Diego and we’ve been spending every minute we can outdoors, the warm nights sitting around chatting with our neighbors until the sun goes down are my favorite!  And I’m thankful for every day that’s not sweltering as my belly grows larger and larger by the second, turning me into a living furnace!  All of this outdoor fun has sparked an obsession with decorating our patio and making it functional for outdoor living.  Right now it’s a blank slate with a table (chairs are TBD), a few plants sans pots, a hammock and these cafe lights strung above the pergola.  But I have dreams!!!  And they involve something like the above….  there are so many cute options for outdoor decorating these days!  I’d love to have an area for lounging- a couch, some chairs, a coffee table.  And of course for us a dining space for entertaining is a must and a place to sit around a fire is a strong bonus.  Lastly, no home of ours is complete without a hammock.  One of life’s most simple and lovely pleasures is, in my humble opinion, hammock lounging.

On another note, do you remember our Palm Springs backyard?  TAKE ME BACK!!!  Except DON’T!!!  Because it’s 1 trillion degrees and the cicadas are probably buzzing like crazy right now.  But I sure do miss that backyard!!!!  Happy Summering my friends!  xx- Sarah

Chair  // Windchimes  //  Plant Pot  //  Pillows  //  Lanterns (on sale!)  //   Firepit  //  Planters  //  Pillows

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  1. Jenna of This Is My Happiness|

    That chair! Gorgeous! And I agree about the hammock 🙂
    I love those planters but have found that they are not always the best choice for plants because they don’t drain well. Maybe they are making them with drainage holes now.