White on White in Venice


Hi my friends, happy Monday!  We’ve been in LA since last Wednesday and I’ve already worn this outfit twice- which is basically a miracle because WHITE!!!!  And me, the clumsiest eater known to mankind + all of the incredible food in this town- you’d figure it’d be a stained mess by now.  BUT IT ISN’T!!!!  The clothing Gods are smiling down on me, they must be!!!  On top of all of that goodness, this outfit has all sorts of my new favorites- these shoes, that hat, that tank. They’ll be in heavy rotation so expect to see more of all of them, I’ll be styling them every which way I can.  More soon!  xx- Sarah   {Shop this Outfit:  jeans, tank, shoes, bralette (Cheap Monday- sold out), hat, bag, necklace, bracelets }

white_on_white_in_Venice_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-11 white_on_white_in_Venice_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-12 white_on_white_in_Venice_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-20



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  1. El|

    Love the jewelry, but I wonder if you or anyone knows why the r.style.me links never open for me? I’m using firefox on an up-to-date mac…thank you!

    • Sarah Yates|

      El so sorry you’re having troubles! I have no idea what could be going on there, but I’d check your browser settings in Firefox as a starting place! Maybe it’s not allowing popups? If you want I can email you direct links, just email me at hello@ahouseinthehills.com about anything you’re specifically interested in! xx

  2. Gemma|

    You are glowing girl! I love your outfit but what I really love is your super beautiful smile in these pictures! 🙂