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Hey friends, happy Monday!!!  We spent the better part of last week in Big Sur, which is now at the top of my favorites list.  It’s insane pretty.  Like: make-you-believe-in-a- higher-power beautiful.  I can’t wait to share the photos with you soon!  In the meantime, today’s style post featuring camping-wear, which will quickly turn into weekend wear after this silly heat wave dies down!  I love cozy comfortable outfits like this one, perfect for lounging around and eating my body weight in s’mores!!! More soon! xx- Sarah   (Shop this outfit: pants, shirt, sneakers)


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  1. Erica|

    We’re thinking about doing a road trip next year for my 40th birthday. A stop at Big Sur would certainly make the list! I love this outfit. Perfect for weekends. Stylish and comfy. Look forward to your photos soon!

  2. Jenny|

    Love outfits like these! So cozy!

    As an aside, did you cut your hair?? AND would you mind doing an update on whether you still use the baking soda and ACV mix for your “shampoo and conditioner?” Your hair always looks so gorgeous and I’m still on the fence as to whether I want to give this a shot.

  3. Myrna|

    This is perfect for a walking around in the wilderness – love it. You look casual chic Sarah (insert high five).