Bedroom Update with Tommy Hilfiger


Happy Wednesday my friends!  When we sold our Palm Springs house the new owners purchased a good amount of our furniture, including everything in the master bedroom except for two poufs.  So we started from scratch with this house- and it’s slowly but surely coming together!  Our wishes for our bedroom are always the same: a tranquil, soothing, cozy retreat. At the end of the day there’s nothing sweeter than climbing into a soft bed and snuggling up for the night. And I have to say, this is our favorite bedroom so far- which is fantastic because we still have so far to go with the design so I know we’re only going to love it more and more!  It’s simple and sweet, cozy and inviting- really just the perfect place to lay our heads.

The bed is pure heaven.  I’m in love with the neutral pallette, the comforter with just the lightest hint of pattern, the variety of textures in the pillows/throw, the warmth from the wood frame, and the way it all comes together so cohesively.  And, you’ll see above the bed, my first weaving!  I may move it, not 100% sure that I love it in that spot but for now I’m displaying it like peacock feathers cause I’m pleased as punch with how it turned out!

The rest of the room still has a ways to go, but I love the simple dresser, the lights that offer the softest glow at night and the pop of color from the photo above it (will be offering those up for sale here in the next week or two- please email me at if you’d like to be notified when they’re available!).  And I didn’t photograph it but on the other side of the room there are a bunch of plants.  Will save that for another update down the road, hopefully soon. Hope you love it my friends!  xx- Sarah

Sources:  bed, bedding set, side tables, lamps (here and here), dresser, rug,  {This post was sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting our sponsors!}


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  1. vanessa|

    I love it – you always do an impeccable job – and I can’t believe that rug is IKEA.
    You need to come into my Carlsbad shop to get some fun pillows! They’re right up your alley 😉

  2. Jenny|

    LOVE IT! What a gorgeous space. Is the bed new or vintage? We are in the process of building a bed and the design is almost identical to yours…I was worried our huge marshmallow mattress would look strange on it, but this looks so beautiful and cozy! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Heather|

    I am loving all the different textures in the textiles, of course textiles are my thing being that I work with them.LOL Great photos.

  4. Alison yin|

    Your bedroom looks lovely! As a fellow dog owner with a white bedroom do you have any tips for keeping your room (and bedding) so pristine? Thank you!