Hey there Friends!  We’re right smack dab in the middle of southern California summer and now that I’m feeling better I plan on milking every last sunny day and balmy evening for all it’s got! Today I’m sharing with you a few of the things that I’m loving this Summer season.  Hope you enjoy and it inspires your own Summer adventures!  xx- Sarah

1. Mason Pearson brush– My hair is especially tangly when I’ve been running amuck in the Summer (aka beach days, bike rides and sponge fights with our neighbors- it sounds idyllic and it totally is!)  This brush is my favorite ever for detangling and babying my hair after lots of summer abuse!

2.  Comme De Garcon Wallet– There’s something about having a good wallet- it’s just a treat every time you grab it!  This one was my Christmas present from Lou- I’ve been carrying it instead of a purse to keep things light and easy.

3. Karen Walker Sunnies– These guys are still my favorite and go-to.  Any season, always!

4.  Miansai cuff- The minimalist style of this bracelet speaks to me for the summer months when I want to keep it simple and chic.

5. IRO sandals- Every year I splurge on a pair of sandals that I know I’ll wear for at least a few years- and this year it was these.  Worth every penny! (sold out from what I can tell, sorry I didn’t share them sooner!!!)

6. Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion Oil Spray– this stuff is great for the days I can’t make it to the beach but want windswept, playful locks!

7. Bumble and Bumble City Swept Finishing Spray– I adore this for styling after my hair has dried- it adds so much texture and keeps it messy.

8.  I’m hydrating this season with Naked coconut water boxes– they are pretty much my favorite beverage of them all, and they pack so well!

9. EOS Vanilla Bliss Moisturizing Shaving Cream– this hydrating cream keeps my legs moisturized and smooth so I can strut in my short shorts!

10. This Cynthia Rowley wetsuit is my must-have for playing in the waves, stand-up paddleboarding, and pretending to learn how to surf!

11. These swim fins from Patagonia give me the confidence I need to swim past a strong break- they are a definite summer MUST!

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  1. Sophie|

    That bumble and bumble finishing spray sounds like exactly what I need for my hair, I’m always up for a little more texture! Swimming in the ocean sounds terrifying, when I visited southern california I think I went in the water up to my knees at the most. Great post!

  2. AM|

    Thanks for turning me onto coconut water – that stuff is great! I had no idea it had so much potassium, which I have a hard time getting into my diet. Plus, it is super refreshing here in the Sunshine State! Extra bonus: Amazon Prime – Score! 🙂