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Hey friends, happy Tuesday!  I haven’t mentioned this yet because we just recently booked our tickets, but at the end of next week I leave for this magical little spot in Fiji!    I’m going with my partner in wellness, January (more on the purpose of the trip soon- I’m  beyond excited to share with you!!)  We’ll be working and rejuvenating but also snorkeling, working out, sun-bathing, doing yoga, going for jungle hike adventures and stand-up paddle boarding!  I’m sharing a bit of what’s going along in my bag here today, in partnership with Athleta.  They have some really amazing swimsuits that I’m obsessed with for beach days that are a bit more active.  And I cannot tell you how much I love these shorts and that amazing palm tree beach bag!  I’m going to be strutting all over that island in these beauts, you can be sure of that!  And yep, I’ll share photos and tales of our adventures when I return, you can count on that too! Also, this month on Instagram followers will be sharing their own laydowns and using the hashtag #AthletaInTheBag- just a heads up in case you want to join in on the fun!  Hope you love.  xx- Sarah  {Shop this post:  tank, swim top, swim bottom, jacket, shorts, bag}


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  1. Alison|

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