Spring Favorites


This time of year I feel like we all have an underlying urge to start fresh- more so than even in the start of the new year!  We’ve got the seasons changing and Spring is the time for growth, to start fresh, to look forward to Summer and all the fun that brings.  So today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things that are inspiring me, that I’ve been loving, that are perfect for Spring!  I hope you love!

From top left:

This Meli Melo bag.  It’s made an appearance on here once or twice already and I couldn’t think of a better bag for Spring- clean and fresh and the loveliest color!

Lavender essential oil.  I’ve been adding it to my baths and putting it on my temples after my yoga practices.  Growing up in Maine the smell of Lilacs in the Spring was pretty much my favorite thing ever, and since we don’t have them here in Southern CA I’m always on the hunt for lavender scented everything!

Astara Violet Flame Enzyme Mask– This mask energizes and rejuvenates cells, and you can feel it tingle while you have it on!  I’m pretty sure it’s shaving years off my face.

Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla and Manuka Honey tea.  A self proclaimed “soothing dip in an organic pool of calm”.  And that pretty much says it all.

This Miansai bracelet is on my wrist nonstop these days- it’s the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

Lots of Candles Plenty of Cake– a book about life that will make your heart sing.  I’m only halfway through it and I’ve already ordered one for a friend and recommended it to three others.

EOS Lavender Jasmine Shaving cream– Anything that combines my two favorite scents is a must, and with my legs making an appearance most days this Spring- I love that it has so many moisturizing ingredients!

This bikini bottom and this top.  I’m all about mixing and matching this Spring- and with starting to get more beach time in I’ve been on the hunt for a great new bikini.  WINNER FOUND!

EOS Summer Fruit and Lemon Drop lip balms- I will never get over how cute these are. SPF 15 = bonus.

Winter citrus- it’s on it’s way out so I’m eating all the oranges I can get my paws on!!!!

This hair towel that dries without damaging!  Now that I’m inclined to skip the blowdry in favor of beachy locks this is especially appealing!

I found this copper cocktail shaker and have been on a cocktail craving kick ever since!  Pure goodness.

I’m keeping my yoga mat fresh and relaxing simultaneously with this multi-purpose spray that is oh so lovely!

And last but not least- this brightening complexion booster to get my face nice and glowy for all the outdoor fun that’s to come!

There you have it my friends, all that I’m loving for Spring.  Hope it inspires you in your own Springtime refresh!  xx- Sarah

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  1. Libby|

    my yoga mat definitely needs some freshening up, so your recommendation will be perfect. i love the vibes of this collection of items!