Chocolate Pecan Cashew Butter + Thrive Market GIVEAWAY!


Happy Monday my friends!  Hope you all had great weekends!  On Sunday I finished up the second week of my pal January‘s Sugar Detox (she has another starting May 4th and it’s an online thing, so I highly recommend for any of you looking to learn more about nutrition and get those sugar cravings under control!)  One of the things I craved during the two weeks sugar-free was these flavored nut butters that I used to buy at a rad little raw restaurant in San Diego before we moved to LA (pre- Palm Springs as well).  I’m not sure what all was in them because I didn’t pay much attention to nutrition labels at the time, but I LOVED them!  S0, I decided to make my own!  This chocolate pecan cashew butter is the perfect thing for me to grab a spoonful of when I get a sweets craving- the protein and good fats in the nuts satisfies my body while the cacao and coconut nectar satisfy my love of sweets!

OK, now for the second part of this post- I am SO EXCITED to introduce you all to Thrive Market.  I know that I sometimes post recipes that have ingredients that you can’t get your hands on (it’s horrifying to me that you can 100% guaranteed find Cheetos in any town across the country but in many cacao powder is hard to come by).  It’s also extremely frustrating that economically speaking the high quality, healthy and nutrition driven ingredients that I use are often inaccessible to many.  Like CRAZY-MAKING I MIGHT SCREAM MADDENING!  Which is why I’m so excited!

Thrive Market addresses both of those issues by making high quality ingredients available online at 25-50% off traditional retail prices- similar to Coscto they charge an annual $60 membership fee that enables them to offer these massive discounts.  With free shipping on orders over $49 and thousands of products to shop- it’s absolutely where I’ll be stocking up on all of my pantry items!  And with each membership sign-up they give one to a low income family or public school teacher (through a network of non-profits). THAT IS MY KIND OF COMPANY!   So I just wanted to give you a heads up- if you don’t live in a town that has a Whole Foods or health food store, if it hurts a little every time you check out at your market and see the receipt, if you’re as frustrated as I am that you can find Cheetos everywhere but have to search like an online ninja to find health foods- well, Thrive Market is for you.  I promise, you’re gonna love it!

AND, AND AND AND!   They’re offering one lucky reader a $250 shopping spree!  Register for Thrive here over the next 7 days and one of you lucky ducks will win that while 10 others will receive free year long memberships! HORRAY!  And good luck my friends!   xx- Sarah


Chocolate Pecan Cashew Butter



  • Combine all ingredients, mix well and enjoy! Store in a refrigerator.

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  1. Christy Peeples DuBois|

    That looks so yummy!! Thanks so much for this opportunity. I registered but it said we could share on FB for a bonus entry but when I tried fb wouldn’t let me because they said it had “white spaces” or “white” something. Maybe because I’m in my iPhone. Thanks again.