On the Wishlist : Home Edition


Happy Friday my friends!  We’ve made a bit of headway on the projects around the house.  And 50% of me is dying to show you and 50% of me wants to keep it a surprise so there can be a big reveal.  Not like I’m Oprah or something and YOU ALL GET CARS, but just like a regular old- hey isn’t this fun to see kind of surprise .  I’m terrible at not blurting things out, but I kind of love the torture. What do you think?  I shared progress posts with our last home (like this one) that showed what small changes we made before we arrived here and then finally, here.  But I’d love to hear your thoughts…. would you want to see little updates or do you prefer I pounce on you with a big surprise reveal where everything is pretty-fied?!  (I will not literally pounce on you I promise)

But I will ruin any chance of complete and TOTAL surprise by telling you we have a few of the things on my wishlist are in transit!  {MONKEY COVERING MOUTH EMOJI}  I guess I won’t totally ruin it and tell which things…. BUT I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  Ok, have a great weekend, you!  I’ve got a list of links I’m lovin for you after the jump!  xx- Sarah

Sources: Antique Brass Shelf Brackets, Bronze Orbit Chandelier, Rhys Club Chair, Grey Otomi art, Brass plant pot, Hexagon Tiles

I WANT TO EAT ALL THE TACOS.  All of them, but especially these butternut squash babies!

UO is doing some great things in the home space- I’m in love with this, this, this and these.

How pretty and delish does this look!?  Also: PINEAPPLE SANGRIA!

I love love love a good closet roundup, so this.  ps- I’ll be sharing my closet makeover with you soon!  I’m excited!!

I just ordered this- in both colors.  #jcrewproblems

Also, spending all our pennies on the house means this is off the table for me.  Someone else scoop it up and let me borrow?

If, like me, you have a brown thumb- this might help!

Really good reminders- love yourselves the best you can, please.

Ruca Bean Yates-Mora fans, did you see this?! She’s my fave.

This was officially my 7,000th pin.  Time flies (and I wanna know how to braid like that!)

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Reader Comments

  1. Kaylin|

    Bit by bit, so that we can learn about the steps it takes to get to that beautiful place! Good luck!

  2. Jourdan|

    Sneak peaks, please! Can’t wait to see what you do with your new space. I’m sure it will be inspiring and delightful!

    • Julie|

      Progress posts definitely! No question. Like to see it evolve. The process is just as much FUN as the end result. PS I’m from your favourite Australia. Love it when you post things from here. You should definitely come visit some time.

  3. Dafne Gonzalez|

    Share bit by bit! I would love to see the transformation process from start to finish. And that leather chair and hexagon tile are killing me! So gorgeous!!!!

  4. Lucy Gatchel|

    Love this blog. I saw the Otomi fabric piece above and thought of a friend of mine that sells lovely Otomi fabric pieces – cushions, etc. Have a look http://www.yucuninu.com. She is much more reasonably priced for those of you interested.