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I’ve had a few conversations with friends regarding their businesses and personal lives where they’ve expressed concern over something another person was doing that made them feel as if what THEY wanted to do would be silly, or unoriginal, or not as good.  And it breaks my heart.  So, for these friends, and for all of the rest of us who have moments of doubt- remember this: THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU.  That “you are a snowflake” sentiment never really resonated with me, but the idea that no matter what, if you come from an authentic place, if you allow your creative spirit to guide you, if you believe in yourself and are able to drown out the noise- you will blossom.  You will blossom into the very best version of yourself, which is all you could ever really ask for, isn’t it?  Time spent worrying about what everyone else is doing just robs you of time you can spend nurturing your own creative self.   Go shine my friends, drown out the noise- be unabashedly, beautifully, perfectly YOU!  You are amazing.  xx- Sarah

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  1. Maru|

    This is probably my favorite quote, I have it in my room so I can look at it each morning, it’s such a powerful message!

  2. Caitlin|

    i love you. thank you. this is exactly what i have been attempting to convince myself of lately and exactly what i needed to hear from one of my inspirations.

  3. Cass|

    Sarah, your words are so on point for me – it’s as if you are reading my mind. Thank you for reminding us that we all have something to offer, and to not let others’ actions allow doubt to creep into our minds.

  4. Julia|

    Thanks for the perfect timing of your words! These kinds of feelings are stressing me out lately even though I know I need to just do what I am doing the best I can.

  5. Shavonda|

    I JUST discovered you like just now and man does this post come at the PERFECT time. I was just speaking to a friend about this very thing this morning. Thank you for the affirmation:)