Friday Links + Calling All Potential Interns!


Happy Friday!  We’ve got a big weekend ahead- painting all day today and tomorrow, with the move-in on Sunday!  Cannot wait for the first night in our own bed and the first morning having tea in our backyard….we’ve been dreaming of these moments for what feels like absolutely forever.  And I’m just dying to throw myself back into the blog.  I’ve been doing all that I can to keep it going but I want to be doing so much more!  I have such high hopes for this site, so many dreams about what it can become and how it can empower women, provide inspiration for health and lifestyle, be a place where you call come to add a bit of happiness to your day.  And I think I need help (I heard admitting it is the first step).  So I’ve decided it’s time to travel down Intern Road.

So here’s what I’m looking for in a potential intern (non-negotiables):  must be LOCAL (San Diego),  proficient in Photoshop, Word, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and excel at internet scouring.  Must have transportation.  Must have experience or at least a burning passion for either food, fashion, travel or interior design.  MUST MUST MUST be a go-getter, independent powerhouse, high energy, excitable, passionate, driven, innovative, fun-loving person who will entertain the idea of an afternoon dance party if work is finished early.  Must love dogs.  Here are some bonuses:  writing skills, photography skills, creative talents not mentioned above, DIY capabilities or a crafty side, a proclivity for brainstorming, a desire to be a sponge soaking up all there is to learn. Basically I’m looking for a talented ray of sunshine who is looking for a place to shine.  Is it YOU?!  Email me!  Send me something that will showcase YOU, what you’re about, why you think you and I are meant to be.  I cannot WAIT to see!

Ok now, links for your weekend!  Enjoy every minute as if it were your last weekend, nothing is promised including the weekend after this one.  So get outside, feel the sun on your face.  Cuddle every creature you love.  Fill your mouth with foods that make you feel amazing.  Tell everyone you love how much they mean to you.  Laugh hard and be happy!  And put in a little prayer for us on Sunday moving day, if you think of it.  We’ll be hauling all our worldly goods with friends-but also  ending the day with beer and pizza!  Links below for your fun pleasure and I’ll see you here Monday!  xx- Sarah  {painting above by Britt Bass}

I have my eye in this amazing coverlet to add some texture to our bed!

In a million years I would have never dreamed up this combo, but now that I’ve seen it I want NOTHING ELSE.

I’m becoming a Godmother in April and in anticipation of the big day I scooped up this gorgeous dress!

I wanna make this dairy-free coconut yoghurt!  On my to-do list for this year.

I love the sounds of this, and especially with a tiny bit of rum!

How fantastic is this wallpaper?!?

I just bought quite possibly the girliest thing I’ve ever bought- and I LOVE it!  Of course I’m going to wear it with these boots, to add a bit of edge to it.

Are you on NextDoor?  We joined to get a feel for our new neighborhood and I am kind of  stupidly, ridiculously obsessed.  It might just be our neighborhood (which is silly charming) but the posts are PURE GOLD.

Love this colorful abode filled with great textiles and goodness!

Well I would certainly NEVER say no to these.  Because O. M . F. G.

I got my hair cut/colored for the first time in 21 months on Wednesday and I feel like a new, shinier woman.  Can’t wait to show you my new doo!  (I always wait a few days after coloring to wash it because I like to let the natural oils build up and help restore the damage- so even though I love the hair it’s probably not my best look at this exact moment)  But this inspiration photo for color and this inspiration photo for bangs came with me to the stylist!

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  1. Melody|

    I love when you share a variety of links like today, versus just food links. That way there is something for everyone…and let’s face it…you have killer style. Good luck with the move!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thanks Melody! I agree- the mixture if fun and I’ll try to keep these up! xx

  2. Elise Wilkins|

    Beautiful thoughts! Your blog is already giving inspiration for a healthier lifestyle! I love it! I hope that your move went smoothly! :)