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Happy Friday my friends!!!  Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Blueprint Registry, a company who has completely reinvented the wedding registry situation in the best possible way!  I was completely blown away when I was first introduced to their site- it’s everything I wanted but couldn’t find when we were getting married!  We didn’t want to register at a major department store for the traditional gifts, nor did we want to register exclusively for a honeymoon.   And since we had no options to accommodate our needs we actually didn’t register at all!  But with Blueprint we could have chosen to register for a honeymoon (or cooking classes, a yoga studio membership, donations to our favorite charities, etc) AND we could’ve carefully curated a selection of items from any online store.  Meaning we could have had Heath Ceramics in our registry beside handcrafted wood pieces from Primitive Reserve, a vintage chair from 1st Dibs and plane tickets to Fiji.  A DREAM!  All on a beautifully designed and effortlessly functional site.  Seriously, you have to check it out.  You can start by looking at my faux dining room registry.  I love how they’ve organized it by room, so if the thought of purchasing another blender for a friend makes you cringe, you can skip the kitchen and head straight to the living room!

You know when you stumble across a business and they just totally get it?  Like they’ve crawled into your brain and fulfilled every single one of your needs AND needs your didn’t even know you had?  That’s Blueprint Registry for me.  And yes, they sponsored this post.  But I would’ve wanted you to know about the site regardless, because keeping something so good to myself just doesn’t feel right.  Ok, have a great weekend everyone!  I’ll pop back in tomorrow with some links to get you through a lazy Sunday morning!  xx- Sarah

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  1. Alyssa|

    This is such a useful site! I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog and saw this post because so many of my friends are getting married and I will suggest this to all of them!

    With Love,

  2. Chelcey|

    This is so perfect!!! My fiance and I are just now starting to compile our registry and since we’ve been living together for three years now we’re basically covered on the basics. Love this! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Tyler|

    Love this! I have been to my fair share of weddings and it always surprises me how few non-traditional registry options are out there. I am bookmarking for when the need arises (if we don’t just elope) :).